Discussion Round 10 Discussion (Dedicated to Noah 'The Beast' Balta)

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Those with very high rankings (in top 1k) have you guys been ultra aggressive in trading and only have a handful left?
Yes & no... as always, it's all a balance, plus a bit of luck. I have 18 trades left... Started fairly conservatively, but have got a little more aggressive of late with 1 up & 1 down for the past 3 weeks. That has meant ditching some rookies that arguably hadn't completely fattened up. Players like Drew, Constable, Kiera, ROB & (probably the only one I truly regret) Baker this past week.

The other thing is I have only made 1 sideways correction all season. There was no way I could hold Darling any longer! I've held Libba, Walsh & Heeney who many have sideways'd. Ditto for Zilliams at the moment.

And the final factor is of course value. I traded in Dunkley & Telly at their lowest, while Daniel was about the same price (under 500k) as well. Will target Sicily and Boak at that same price point in rds 13 & 14. I don't have Neale or Jelly and am ranked 309.


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Those with very high rankings (in top 1k) have you guys been ultra aggressive in trading and only have a handful left?
I'm not top 1k, but this is probably my best season in a while and I am normally super conservative with trades as I really play for league only.
But last few years I've fallen just short of the premiership or ended my season early in finals and had 4-6 trades left!

This year I've gone very aggressive on trades (for me) so have 18 left and am basically jumping on fallen premo's TKelly, Zorko, Lloyd, Fyfe etc. as soon as I can, even if it means culling a rookie early and not getting full return.
I've also side-ways traded early (Greene and Martin) which have been positive changes.

I've gone from rank 60,000 in round 1 to be 2,000 now.

So while you still need to make the right trade of which so far I'm probably going at 90% success rate with no major bust, I think trading hard does help with your ranking (at least for now).


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Aug 17, 2009
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Probably, Fages does like his performing youth, but I feel the team is more solid with Lester than Hinge.

pulpdriver would know more about Hinge's JS than I.
I reckon I'd know as much as you, mate. I thought Hinge looked okay both games and as you said Fages like his performing youth. Historically seems to give the kids a decent run after promotion. Hinge has had a few moments where he looked like the adjustment to the pace of AFL is a bit overwhelming but the only way to get past those is more time at senior level. I think he'll hold his spot.
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