Game Day Round 10: Dreamtime At The G - Richmond v Essendon, Sat 25/5/19, MCG, 7.25PM AEST

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Jul 7, 2014
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Merrett is my prototype example for players coming in full of talent and hunger only to convert to the Essendon way 5 seasons in.

It's a disease that needs to be eradicated, no matter the cost.
100% correct I'm afraid. Used to tackle with intent and play with super intensity.

Over time the mediocrity slowly creeps in, player effort drops off by 5 to 10% and here we are. It still looks kind of the same but they just don't quite get to the same level. I think it's our version of "professionalism".

Pick and choose when to go and when to try it seems. Our "senior" players reek of it.

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Mar 21, 2018
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Where at we at as a club? We are an above par side.

We have such a fantastic list. Sick of hearing how good we can be, how about how mediocre we are? Not all for sacking a coach, but questions need to be asked at years end.
I’d suggest results from the past 3 years suggest we clearly don’t have a good list. And we are definitely not an above par side.

What we are is a soft football club that picks and chooses when it wants to rock up. We’d have the dumbest collective of players in the league by a long way.

We also have a high % of players that don’t like the hard stuff. But why would you expect any change when we’ve got a coaching staff that are too gutless to make hard calls, and a board who are more worried about us having a good image than winning games of ******* football.

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Jun 6, 2015
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Sigh - it's not. It's a learned memory from the Bartlett days that isn't a rule. Saad had as much time to dispose of that ball as any other player being tackled, and you won't see a player who didn't bounce the ball be pinged for that
You’ll have to look it up.
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