Game Day Round 10: Reigning Premiers Vs Plodding Crows

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 16, 2009
Wembley downs
AFL Club
West Coast
Well coached second half from Simpson.

Midfield stood up and Pyke a major decider in the crows losing it. Moved the tag from Shuey to Yeo.

Darling played a great game.

If nicnat can come back and be dominant at the stoppage like he has in the past we will walk in the premiership.

ATM 6-6-6 is really hurting us. With nicnat in it could define us.

Injuries very important but with a full side on the park I think the only sides that can match us are Geelong and GWS. Both of them and GWS in particular don't play the G well.

If we can beat Sydney in Sydney and go into the bye 10-3 we have a much easier run home with nicnat and barrass huge inclusions.
What about the Pies - wouldn't you include them as well that on their day are very hard to beat, albeit we have had the better of them of late.


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 29, 2005
AFL Club
West Coast
Oh wow. Heart stopping stuff. Great signs shown in the second half. Yeo, Redden and Shuey with 40 tackles between them.
It's at insane levels now (the tackling) and very welcome as we were seriously lacking in grit.
What a win.
Shame no replay for 24hrs.

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Brownlow Medallist
Sep 21, 2004
Adel - SA - Aust - Earth
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West Coast
Other Teams
Norwood & Liverpool.

random lurker

swears in flawless english
Dec 4, 2017
AFL Club
West Coast
Woke up this morning and it occurred to me that we haven't lost when Willie + JK + Darling all play together. Last year they harped on about JK & JD, forgetting Willie was there the whole time, but it wasn't until Willie came back last week that the formula was restored.

At half time I thought there goes that theory, but it's back on now! Great 2nd half boys lets play like that for the rest of the year :thumbsu::fire:


Official Oranges Man
Aug 6, 2017
South Of Dreamsville
AFL Club
West Coast
Well, for a team that's out of form we're doing okay!
Can't wait to see when we are in-form?
These games will give me a heart attack. But am loving it, holding onto the edge of the sofa
on a wild rollercoaster ride. What other team gives you more thrills n' spills for your buck!?
Another great, great win from the Mighty Eagles!!

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