Review Round 11, 2021: Box Hill v Gold Coast Suns reserves @ BHCO, Sat 11:00am

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Oct 16, 2011
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Then again, maybe all the time put into might be starting to pay dividends. Like to see him play in the firsts in the position he plays for Box Hill.
I hate writing players off but I'm not seeing much development myself. Some of the one-on-one losses he's had this year have been astonishing. Throw him in the middle for a quarter in the firsts and see what he can do. Seriously, what do we have to lose? We keep getting smashed by strong bodied midfielders.


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Aug 3, 2009
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Watched 3qtrs yesterday before heading off to another game of footy. Just dropped some pics on insta if anyones interested

I didn't take much out of the game yesterday...Never really not in control of it. A few things were Rory Atkins is pretty lippy for a high profile player playing 2s in a team getting pumped. Jeka looked disinterested most of what i saw and it's good to see Will Day getting around the BHH games when he's injured, love to see it!

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Jun 10, 2006
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A pretty one-sided game so I don't blame anyone for being a bit indifferent. It is a terrible comp with such mismatches.

Jeka looks like a full forward, I thought Callow seemed far more mobile. Be great to see them in a genuinely hot game.

Cuz seemed to be playing in second gear. It suggests to me that we are not trading the butcher brothers and he knows it.

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