Preview Round 11: Port Adelaide vs Essendon, Adelaide Oval, Sunday 29/05/2022 @ 4:40 PM

Can we win?

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Jan 11, 2007
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Coburg Lions, All Boston sides
Last Week

Port Adelaide: Port were good in the first half, taking a lead against Geelong in Geelong before the Cats ran over the top of them in the second half, rounding out a 6 goal loss to Port. Dan Houston was in control in defence with 30 disposals and 11 marks, whilst Kane Farrell, Robbie Grey and Todd Marshall kicked 2 goals apiece up front.

Essendon: The Dons struggled against Richmond in the annual Dreamtime at the 'G game, going down by 32 points in the end after struggling to penetrate Richmond's defence. Mason Redman was at his best, collecting 29 disposals off half back, whilst first year player Ben Hobbs was the only multiple goal scorer with 2 for the Dons in a half forward role.

Head to Head (last 5)

Port Adelaide 3-2 Essendon

Form Guide

Port Adelaide: 4W 1L
Essendon: 1W 4L

Possible sides

Port Adelaide vs Essendon

FB: Tom Jonas - Aliir Aliir - Darcy Byrne-Jones
FF: Nick Bryan - Peter Wright - Tex Wanganeen
HB: Ryan Burton - Tom Clurey - Dan Houston
HF: Matthew Guelfi - Harrison Jones - Archie Perkins
MF: Trent Dumont - Zac Butters - Karl Amon
MF: Sam Durham - Andrew McGrath - Nic Martin
HF: Connor Rozee - Todd Marshall - Orazio Fantasia
HB: Dyson Heppell - Brandon Zerk-Thatcher - Jordan Ridley
FF: Robbie Grey - Charlie Dixon - Mitch Georgiades
FB: Jake Kelly - Zachary Reid - Nick Hind
OB: Sam Hayes - Ollie Wines - Sam Powell-Pepper
OB: Sam Draper - Darcy Parish - Zachary Merrett
IC: Kane Farrell - Willem Drew - Travis Boak - Miles Bergman
IC: Ben Hobbs - Dylan Shiel - Jayden Laverde - Jye Caldwell
MS: Martin Frederick
MS: Tom Cutler

Port Adelaide in: Fantasia, Dixon, Bergman; out: Steve Motlop, Lachlan Jones, Jeremy Finlayson (omitted)
Essendon in: Caldwell, Jones, Zerk-Thatcher, Ridley; out: Mason Redman (susp), Aaron Francis, Alec Waterman, Devon Smith (omit)

Port Adelaide defence vs Essendon forward line

So far Essendon have kicked a goal 21.21% of the time it enters their forward 50, 14th in the AFL. Port Adelaide concede a goal 21.22% of the time it enters their defensive 50, currently 6th in the AFL. Peter Wright has been the man for Essendon this year, kicking 23 goals so far, and will probably receive attention from last year's All Australian Aliir Aliir in what will be the big match up for the day, whilst Essendon will be hoping a possible return from young key forward Harrison Jones will be able to support him, most likely to get the match up of Tom Clurey. Port fans will be happy to see Tex, son of both Essendon and Port legend, Gavin Wanganeen out there, even if it is against them and will likely cop attention from Darcy Byrne-Jones this match.

Midfield/rucks battle

Port Adelaide are 9th and 13th for clearance and contested possession difference in the AFL so far this year, whilst Essendon languish at 14th and 16th for those particular areas respectively. Essendon's inside brigade have struggled for consistency so far this year, Darcy Parish the leading man but has struggled to find the same impact despite still collecting a lot of the ball still, whilst Zach Merrett and Andrew McGrath have had similar struggles on the inside. Port's main man on the inside is still Ollie Wines, the Brownlow medalist sometimes playing a lone hand in there this year whilst Sam Powell-Pepper and Willem Drew have been solid if not spectacular in this regard. On the outside, Karl Amon's form has had a dip this season, the Free Agent maybe struggling with the rumours about him coming back to Victoria, whilst youngster Nic Martin has been a revelation for the Dons on the other side. Rucks wise, both teams are going with youth here with Essendon's Sam Draper and Nick Martin against Port's solo ruck in Sam Hayes, it'll be exciting to watch.

Port Adelaide forward line vs Essendon defence

Port Adelaide are kicking a goal 20.19% of the time it enters their forward 50, currently 17th in the AFL. Essendon's defence has been very leaky, conceding a goal 26.15% of the time it enters defensive 50, which is 17th in the AFL currently. The big inclusion for Port will be Charlie Dixon, the big man arguably Port's most important player, and will likely get a returning BrandonZerk-Thatcher, which will cause some nervous moments for Essendon fans in general. Todd Marshall has been fighting as the #1 this year, and Dixon's return will allow him to play against Zach Reid, who has shown himself to be a very reliable key defender this year.

X-Factor Player

Orazio Fantasia will play his second game against his former side, after kicking 2 goals last year he'll be hoping to improve on that for next year.

Key stat

Port Adelaide: Goals/inside 50. They have the fire power up there to put plenty of goals through a weak Essendon defence.

Essendon: Clearances. They need to start winning the ball from the middle to give Peter Wright more one on one chances up front.


We're gonna lose, but I hope we show some fight. Port by 27
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May 8, 2014
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This is the game I've been dreading. Port will be hungry for a big win on their home deck. I think this will be our biggest loss for the season and we won't recover from it. Port by 98 points.


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May 31, 2010
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Stewart to play forward, and Jones also - give 2MP a chop out and something to kick at!

OUT: Francis, Waterman, Smith, Redman, Guelfi (SUB)
IN: Stewart, Jones, Wanga, Ridley, Caldwell


Ridley Reid Kelly
Heppell Lav Hind
Martin Caldwell Durham
Perkins Stewart Hobbs
Jones 2MP Wanga

Bryan Parish Merrett

Bench: Shiel McGrath Cutler Draper
SUB: Guelfi


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Feb 18, 2003
Hoppers Crossing
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Other Teams
Out: Guelfi (inj), Shiel (not 100%), Redman (if he gets suspended).
In: Jones, Ridley, Wanganeen


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Sep 9, 2017
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Never play well in Adelaide at the best of times.

Would Stringer be a chance?

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Jul 7, 2014
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We are a shambles. Like the final stages of a movie sword fight this game is the second last blow. It's bad but the dude is still alive and staggering around. Carlton will be the final blow. The body breathes out and goes limp etc.


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Jun 25, 2019
AFL Club
B J.Ridley Z.Reid J.Laverde
HB M.Redman C.Brand N.Hind
C A.McGrath J.Caldwell Z.Merrett
HF A.Perkins J.Stewart N.Martin
F T.Wanganeen P.Wright K.Baldwin
FOLL: S.Draper D.Shiel D.Parish
INTER: D.Heppell, N.Bryan, S.Durham, J.Kelly
Sub: T.Cutler

In- Ridley, Brand, Stewart, Baldwin
Out- Francis, Guelfi, Waterman, Smith


Brownlow Medallist
Apr 30, 2006
AFL Club
Outs: Francis(omitted), Redman(suspended), Guelfi(injured), Sheil(inured/rest), Waterman, Smith, Cutler, Heppell (all omitted)
Ins: Jones, McBride, Ridley, Caldwell

I'm happy to play a few short if need be.


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Aug 27, 2008
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Ins: Stringer Jones Caldwell Ridley Wanganeen
Outs: Francis Guelfi (inj) Cutler Waterman Smith

B: Ridley Laverde Kelly
HB: Redman Reid McGrath
C: Martin Perkins Durham
HF: Stringer Jones Caldwell
F: Bryan Wright Wanganeen
R: Draper Merrett Parish
INT: Hind Shiel Hobbs Heppell
SUB: Smith
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