Discussion Round 12, 2024: Photos and Discussion

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I forgot to post predictions earlier but lets get some late ones in.
Port 1A.png v Carlton 2B.png
This game has already happened but there was no way we were gonna see anything other than this.
Collingwood 1A.png v Western 1B.png
There's something I don't love about this matchup but it is what it is, but it's an easy one to predict.
Hawthorn 1A.png v Adelaide 2B.png
Don't love this one in theory but maybe it'll look good in practice.
West Coast 1A.png v St Kilda 1B.png
Pretty much basing this on what Port wear vs West Coast so I'd be surprised if it's anything different.
Geelong 1B.png v Richmond 1A.png
Easy as anything to predict.
Melbourne 1A.png v Fremantle 2B.png
Surely Freo won't be wearing Purple/White right?
Gold Coast 1A.png v Essendon 1A.png
And another easy one to round out this week of footy.

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That is going back a fair while! I reckon he was wearing the old-school AFL branded shorts while everyone else was in the newer ones
I have a feeling he was serial offender as well - I reckon he has different shorts at the Bombers as well once or twice!

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