Review Round 12 - Adelaide Crows vs GWS Giants @ Adelaide Oval, 7:40 AEST 8 June 2019

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Billy Bob65

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May 15, 2005
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Commiserations on the loss.

Here are the midfield frequency stats from the game. If you haven't seen a previous post, this is an overall summary of how often your players were lining up as one of the 5 mids (inside + wings) at bounces. As the match was close, instead of an overall 2nd half summary, I'll be providing you with a specific final term summary instead.

Overall Summary - 25 Bounces

Kelly 24 (16i, 8w)
Perryman 20 (19w, 1i)
Taranto 19 (5w)
de Boer 17
Coniglio 14
Tomlinson 13 wing
Hopper 13
Deledio 2 wing
Lloyd 2 wing
Cumming 1 wing

Mumford 22 (O'Brien 24)
Tomlinson 3 (Jenkins 1)

1st Half - 9

Kelly 9 (6i, 3w)
Perryman 8 wing
Taranto 6 (1w)
de Boer 6
Coniglio 6
Tomlinson 5 wing
Hopper 4
Lloyd 1 wing

Mumford 8
Tomlinson 1

Final Term - 9

Kelly 9 (6i, 3w)
Taranto 8 (4i, 4w)
Tomlinson 6 wing
Hopper 6
Perryman 5 (4w, 1i)
de Boer 5
Coniglio 5
Cumming 1 wing

Mumford 8
Tomlinson 1

- Fewest rotations for Hopper in analysed games this season - he finished top 2 in Rds 1, 2 & 8
- Most starts and highest finish for Perryman in analysed games. Perryman also had his first inside start in analysed games since Rd 16, 2018
- 2nd highest starts for Coniglio in analysed games this season after Rd 2's 19
- 2nd appearance for Cumming in analysed games; his previous appearance was Rd 9, 2018


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Jan 26, 2014
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Time to get over the disappointment of the loss and say well played to the boys hope you learnt a lot from the game and look to the next weeks game
Kelly and Taranto had plenty of the ball but whether the delivery inside 50 was the problem or the forwards were just having an off day? I go with the later but also well done to the crows defence I think they caught a few Giants on a down day and hopefully they can rebound for the Tasmania game
A big question for the second half of the year is what to do with Mumford as he is starting to look like more of a liability and if he misses the trip south to rest up for the second half of the year I am ok with that but it will be hard for whichever ruck goes with Goldstein
I think this shows how dependant the team is on its stars playing and playing well like any other team and hopefully Greene is back next week and Haynes is right to play

Giant Strides

Nov 23, 2015
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Yep. Big question is whether we can identify what went wrong and fix it.

Apart from the zone defence, which has been commented on, the other frustration was the tackling for mine. Although the stats say we only lost them 53-59, we didn't stick an awful lot of tackles from what I saw, and that allowed the free run of some of the Crows' mids. I know it's a lot harder on the ground than watching, and you'll never get a 100% success rate, but I'd like to see a stat on our tackle completions this round because I suspect it would be down on normal.

The ruck situation s a concern for me too. While we 'won' the hitout count, we lost the clearances plus gave a way some more frees in the ruck contest so it's becoming a bit of an issue. Given what happened in the Hawks game, I'm not confident with Dawson Simpson though, but I'm also unsure that Matty Flynn is ready for first grade - and especially Goldstein.

I thought too that both Davis and Taylor played too much (and too far) behind the Crows' key forwards. None of the latter have had good seasons to date, but we made them look pretty good by not sticking closely to their men. Our defenders did good things at time, and Phil got a bunch of fists and intercepts, but a few lapses really hurt us. Haynes was great as usual, even with his ankle injury, and if he's out for the Norths' game that will be a big blow to us.

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