Review Round 12 = Collingwood 82-100 Western Bulldogs

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Threw that game away in the coaches’ box and selection table. Every single poster on this board could see that Frampton should have played back and Howe forward. Kreuger would have given a lot more than AJ for that matter.

Just a waste of a game. Clown college stuff. We can’t afford to be giving games away by putting our players in impossible positions. What happened to setting our players up to succeed? So poor.
Frustrating as hell game. You could see how bad we missed Mason today. Our game plan doesn’t work when he’s not an option out on the wing.

Unfortunately Nick couldn’t do it all, he needed more help and no one really stood up with him in the last. Bont dragged them over the line, he’s a champion.

Need these next couple of weeks to hurry up and get some players back 😅

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Way too cute with personal and positioning.

Could we have not moved Frampton back and put Howe or Moore forward? Amongst several other moves everyone mentioned.

There are a heap of players not up to the level; AJ, Fin, Bytel, Dean

A few played out of position; Frampton, Markov

Noble directly cost a few goals and our captain has barely played well since halfway through last year.
Not good enough tonight, we had our chances and didn't take them early which is simply unacceptable at this point. Throw in three stupid mistakes from players who should know better that directly led to goals and there's the difference in the game.

This was a real swing game for us tonight, we just about can kiss a top 4 spot goodbye now I reckon as we're going to be battling for a few more weeks yet with our injury list, especially after giving up 1.5 wins we should have had in the past two matches.

In the end bad kicking is bad football and right now it's undoing a lot of the good football stuff we've otherwise been maintaining fairly well to this point. If we can't fix it then we're going nowhere this year, and it really is on the individual players to go back and convert the fairly straightforward chances that they're paid to convert.

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