Game Day Round 12 vs. Western Bulldogs, Marvel, 7:40pm Friday 31/05

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Too worried about nullifying them rather than winning it ourselves

I have a defender who can play forward and a defender who can’t play forward. Who do I play forward? The one who can’t play forward. Because reasons.
Poor coaching in the last quarter, no changes when the momentum was lost
I don't know if it's coaching or execution but it's becoming a really bad trend. Has happened in about five games this season.

It's like watching a relegation standard EPL team trying to park the bus against Man City.

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Moore is the KPP version of John Noble.

Good is very good but bad is soul destroying.

I understand the urgency then though, but no surprise he went full derp either.
We will win one more game before the bye, against North. We just have to hope players are back straight after the bye. We will probably be sitting around 10th after the bye, so alot of catchup to do.
This season has Geelong 2023 all over it for me....
Except no first round pick to make up for it
Not open for further replies.

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