Review Round 13 – North Melbourne vs GWS Giants, Sun 16th June, Blundstone Oval, 3.20pm

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Sep 14, 2006
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
GWS; CCMariners; NQCowboys; Ravens
Himmelberg needs to stop calling for the ball if he won't take a shot. Shitting me so far this game with two goals given away and a third almost (passing to Kelly in a much worse position) despite loving him every other week.

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Giant Strides

Nov 23, 2015
AFL Club
North Melbourne under Rhyce Shaw is a much tougher proposition that earlier in the season, so that was a hard-fought contest away in Tassie (where we've struggled in the past). Our midfield stood up in the contested possession battle, particularly in the clearances - Jacob Hopper was excellent today, with Taranto, Cogs, Kelly, and Toby all contributing well. Mumford was great today too, and responded to the criticisms from the past few weeks - particularly against Goldy who's been in good form for Norths in their recent wins. The backline performed well too, with Davis standing tall and Jake Stein a solid debut. Forward line was off again today - need a bit of a tune-up before the next game.

Overall, we had to work hard against determined opposition so happy to take away that win. The boys should enjoy their short rest over the bye.

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