Preview Round 13 2019: Adelaide vs Richmond - Thursday, 13 June, Adelaide Oval, 7:50 PM

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Rubber Hips

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Mar 31, 2011
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Good ins
Rioli bloody lucky...Shai should be in
Daniel better light it uo

Really happy to see Mabs and Dekka named on the bench

Dekka is our next Houli
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cairo tiger

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Oct 11, 2003
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Not sure how many bad games Higgins needs to play in order to be dropped. Same goes for Rioli to a certain extent. Obviously he has been dropped already but didn't do anywhere near enough to deserve a call up and came straight back in and played a stinker. Meanwhile Bolton has played the best game (Freo) of any of the small forwards, has played at a high level at VFL level and looks capable of playing midfield and having an impact.
I could not agree more I am dumbfounded

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Jan 25, 2018
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I honestly thought it would be Grimes but I’m really happy they gave it to Dusty. I reckon he’s the type to absolutely thrive off it.

Same, Grimes was the obvious choice i reckon, but this is a statement by the club showing the footy industry how highly we rate Dustys leadership. Its a positive move bc the greater football public still see him as a tattooed boogeyman that can play footy when he's much more than that.


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May 11, 2007
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if its raining it doesnt really matter who plays. it will come down to who plays better wet weather footy, hack it forward, smart taps, feasting off dropped marks etc
See, this is where you drop your guard.
Actually post something articulate about football instead of gags about dick pics and Daniel Fevola....

Ya campaigner


Aug 1, 2018
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Co worker today was telling me we aren’t playing well because we are too reliant on Dusty.

I listed our players out and he goes “What does it matter? You’ll still have 18 on the field, 4 on the bench”. That means you have no players missing”
Collingwood supporter?


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Sep 17, 2006
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Bolton plays selfish football.Not sure why people think he can change.
Don't go bringing sensible opinions into a melt session

Would this be our best win against the Crows, ever? :cool:
Round 8 2006 was our best, weren't expected to win then either.

Edit: Was meant to be 2006 the famous basketball game where Wallace coached us to a 3 point win following a 20 goal loss the week before.
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