Preview Round 13, 2019: Essendon v Hawthorn, 14 June 2019, 7.50pm @ Marvel Stadium

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Mar 5, 2007
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Clarko loves coaching against one trick ponies... Bombers have 1 way they like to play and that is sling shot attack off half back and although the fast deck at Marvel helps them, I believe Clarko will be very well prepared for this and have the game plan to starve them, and as we've seen Bombers have no Plan B...
Plus Clarko loves strangling teams at Marvel. In our glory years, on the smaller ground, teams just couldn't get through our grid.

Keen to see this Fri night.

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Sep 13, 2000
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Essendon smashed us in the footy in that game

But it was one of the clubs last highlights ever.
Finals since then including losing to adelaide by 96: 1 win 5 losses
Finals in fifteen years before that: 13 wins 9 losses including 1993 and 2000 premierships

Hawthorn in the same periods:
Finals since 2004: 16 wins 10 losses including 2008, 2013-15 premierships
Finals before 2004: 6 wins 6 losses including 1991 premiership

Head to head:
since 2004: Hawks 14 Bombers 6 Including wins of 108, 94,65, 63
before 2005: Bombers 17 Hawks 5 Including Bombers 10 straight 1998-2005 (I still have the 'bulldogs' braces jumper we wore in that first win 2005) and wins of 74 83 75 62 65 (we wont mention Hawks by 160 in 1992)

Incidentally since the 160 only two teams have exceeded that margin Geelong 186 over Melbourne in 2011 and Hawthorn 165 over Port in 2011 and Hawthorn over GWS in 2012
slightly smaller wins since: Geelong 157 over Richmond in 2007 and again Geelong 157 over Gold Coast in 2011
for Geelong: in 2007: N Ablett 4 Chapman 4 Hawkins 4 Mackie 4. in 2011 (melb): S Johnson 7 Hawkins 5 and Mooney 5. 2011(GC): S Johnson 6 Podsiadly 5
For Hawthorn in 1992: Dunstall 12.8 Morrisey 4. in 2011: Franklin 8.0 Rioli 6. in 2012: Roughead 6.3 Franklin 4.1
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Aug 5, 2017
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Only team that I truly detest with every fibre in my body and that includes those complete flogs down Corio way - Turd, Sheedy, Bomber, Rotten Ronnie and all those other scum campaigners from yesteryear can all ‘go away’ as the mods have now encouraged me to say ......


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May 10, 2007
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Two of my favourite wins against Essendon were embarrassing them at Shittyhad in 2012 & 2013 whilst it felt like we were outnumbered 5 to 1 in the crowd.

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Dec 27, 2009
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I'm guessing you're younger than me. I've hated them since 1984.
Yes I've hated them since Sheedy accused our favourite trainer of giving the players drugs to sniff in his towel when all it contained was eucalyptus. Police became involved and it became humiliating for our coach ex-cop Alan Jeans.
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