Autopsy Round 13, 2021: Hawks sink the Swans

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May 12, 2010
AFL Club
Always enjoyable to beat a team with punchable heads like Papley, Parker and Rampe. Was so good seeing Papley getting done for HTB at the end.

Frost gave Buddy an absolute bath tonight despite a lot of “experts” expecting him to kick 6+. Ceglar had a career night. Credit to him and McEvoy for doing what they needed to do, dominate against a spud opposition ruckman.

The back line was super impressive after quarter time with CJ, Frost and Dimma the stand outs. Day a very good return. Going to be an absolute A grader in a year or two.

Jaeger, Mitch and Worpel were excellent. Shiels and Howe were great and Morrison looked set for a huge one before he went down. Newcombe looks like he belongs with his clean hands and tackling. Just tidy up the kicking a little and he looks like a 200 game prospect.

Kosi, Timmy and McEvoy looked dangerous in the air and the smalls were excellent. Loved Moore’s game and Bruest was solid. Phillips looked good playing forward.

Whether we win many more this year or not, if we play like we did tonight we are going in the right direction.


Aug 15, 2009
AFL Club
First and foremost, what a debut by Newcombe. 14 tackles, 12 diposals :hearteyes: :hearteyes: :hearteyes:
Shiels was BOG for me. Had a fantastic game and was hard at it.
Mitchell had a great game as well. Seem more noticeable with his disposals (not sure if that makes sense!)
Jaegar was hard had it in the clearances. Enjoyed his game.
Moore was prevalent throughout the game.
Kosi showed a lot of presence early on, and I liked his workrate to get up the ground.
Frost and Dimma both had fantastic games to beat Buddy and Papley respectively.
Cegs huge in the middle and around the ground.
Big Boy had some huge contested marks.
How good is it go have Day back!!

What a fantastic effort by the boys. Am stoked. Have invited the wife to watch the replay, but she has politely declined to head to bed. Looking forward to re-watching the win!!!

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Team Captain
Jun 12, 2009
AFL Club
Just quietly how good was Big Cegs tonight?

Absolutely massive around the ground with 11 clearances (11!)

If we can somehow unlock that kind of performance from Jonathon on a weekly basis........

Also I thought CJ played pretty much a perfect game tonight, BOG for mine.
Ceglar was enormous tonight - destroyed Hickey. Was our best and most important player I thought.

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Jan 9, 2007
Do you know where the f*** you are!
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Other teams?
So many players had great nights and great moments

I won’t pick em all or our best but highlights for me were:

Mitchell first Q. Sharp and clean set the tone.
Cegs also setting the tone early. Big impact.
JOM is a tough unit.
Welcome Jai.
Kozi and TOB crunching packs.

Regardless of results and best players, these were things that set the tone and put the team in the path for the night.

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