Autopsy Round 13, 2021: St.Kilda v Adelaide

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my name was taken

Premiership Player
Sep 8, 2008
AFL Club
St Kilda
No goal in an hour, feel sorry for those who hadn't eco'd yet.

To be honest, I'm not even shocked and expected it. No win to cover the cracks on this one. Half a side or not it was 36 points up and we barely have a yelp after that. That's the current culture and nothing to do with who was on the park, seen the same with our best side out there before

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Senior List
Mar 23, 2021
AFL Club
St Kilda
Yes we were severely undermanned, but my god we took the foot of the gas way to early. Make no mistake, this is the 2020 freo game 2.0 and that was THE season defining loss.

Positives: the youth stood up, particularly highmore.

Negatives: small forwards.

What a shame, looking forward to what the season throws at us next post bye…

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