Toast Round 13 = Collingwood 89-51 Melbourne

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Oct 3, 2013
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Massive win. Back in the 8 :D

Just what we needed with North Melbourne to come and then the bye where hopefully we get our experienced players back to launch ourselves for the back half of the year.

Many good performers today, but great to see Kreuger present as a viable forward option and kick some nice goals. Very pleased for him. Hoskin-Elliott was excellent on his return as well.

Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious with Nick following his substitution.

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Brayden Maynard. Love this guy so much
Seriously though, that’s a fantastic performance all things considered.

We were a one man band last week, and Nick was pretty well held for most of today.

Crisp and Howe sensational.

Great games from the inclusions Kreuger and WHE - kept May accountable.

Onwards and upwards.
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Nightmare On Elm Street Halloween GIF

Break glass for Freddy! The new Leroy Brown! 😍
Jack Crisp has to stay in midfield now. We're 100X better with him in the action, rather than floating off half back. Awesome turnaround in form since the first month of the season.
Freddy is among Collingwood's top scorers and has achieved this without injury (or burdening us with a Fritsch-like hairstyle).

JDG, Pendles, Checkers, & Billy are due back as well as Cox and McStay.

Aside from Krueger, I liked Hosky, HH, & Howe. Dean was solid.

Things are looking up, mo-fos!

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