Autopsy Round 13 = Melbourne 66-62 Collingwood

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Full credit to the Dees, defensively they crushed us around the ground and played the game on their terms. Our smalls had no impact while May, Lever and Salem rejected the majority of our forward entries.

I think we, along with them are clearly the best 2 sides in it going into the bye. When we are back to full strength as are they, it'll be a hell of a final.

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May, Salem, Tomlinson and Lever just did whatever they wanted the whole game, that was the difference

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Couldn’t have played any worse, out marked, beaten at ground level and so fumbly. Our work rate wasn’t there today.

I liked our attitude at the end though, Moore on a wing pushing forward, desperate to win it. Conversely the dee forwards were lined up on the arc & wings on the point of the square itching to flood back desperate to not lose it.
Lost by 4 points but no way we should have been that close. We were smashed around the ball and they were far more desperate and should have been beaten by 8 goals. A terrible performance, just looked flat and a bit off with our connection. I think we were due for a shocker and there it is. No JDG & Sidey hurt but overall the midfield group was not up to it today.

If we had of pinched it at the death it would have been a complete injustice to Melbourne who deserved the win.

Don't know if there is something wrong with Pendles but dead set that was the worst game I've ever seen him play.

Lick the wounds, take a couple of weeks off and freshen up because they look a bit tired to me.
We had an off day. Adams can hold his head high.

A lot of players down. Both Daicoses, Pendlebury, Lipinski (who shouldn't have played), Mcnnis, McReery -- all average today.

Some questions have been asked:

What does our best forward line look like? Johnson has put some doubts into everyone's heads. Needs to develop his all round game because if he doesn't mark it, he's a non-factor. I suspect McStay or Kreuger might send him back to the VFL.

Harrison played well enough to get another run.

Our rucks were taught lessons but by the best rucks in the business. We knew that was likely.

Ultimately, we need DeGoey back, Elliot fit, Sidebottom back on the wing, and we'll be a much better team.

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