Autopsy Round 14, 2020: Melbourne v St.Kilda

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 24, 2006
AFL Club
St Kilda
Didn’t mind King. He need game time for when we are good.
For fu**s sake get rid of Billings and bring in Lonie. We need people that can kick goals roving, not more people running past a contest hoping for an offload.
So farking frustrated. Melbourne have no game plan and beat us.


Brownlow Medallist
Jan 10, 2011
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
Ormond AFC
Did billings and Clark play? That’s life. It was an even money game so one wins an one loses. We couldn’t stop may. And it’s friggin August.

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 3, 2016
AFL Club
St Kilda
Super disappointing.

George has touched on this before. When ever there is any expectation on this group and we start gearing up to make a play for finals they absolutely sh*t them selves.

This senior group of membrey ross billings and geary are taking this club no where. They are no different to newnes and bruce etc.

We have to churn them.

Its the generation below that which will improve this club.

Hill i thought was excellent.

Also Jones disposal is a massive concern.


Club Legend
Aug 28, 2018
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
Coventry City
That last inside 50 from Long summed up our disposal tonight, ******* pathetic.

Hill excellent all night, as was Steele.

Howard, King, Membrey, Billings, Kent, Hind, all contributed next to nothing.

Onto next week but I’m losing hope we even make finals at this rate. Our inside 50s are just too sh*te.

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Premiership Player
Apr 21, 2011
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
NY Jets, Storm, Liverpool, Thunder
A smarter side wins that. Melbourne weren't good. We just weren't composed enough to take advantage

3 standing around watching Petracca kick the winner. One floats back to the empty space protects the goal square and it's a non issue. Something I had preached to me in u14s

The inside 50s to no-one

The terrible goal kicking from Membrey aside from the last

Constantly kicking to May on a young opponent and just dominating and refusing to change things

Every time we have a chance to stamp ourselves as a side that's truly taken steps forward we disappoint. This was massive tonight and it's wound up being a massive disappointment

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