Toast Round 14 2020 Rising Star - Congratulations Jake Riccardi

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Mr Magic

Brownlow Medallist
Mar 1, 2010
AFL Club
I think the key is how long this can work.

I think if Cameron is smart he will realise his greatest strengths his run and mobility are better exploited up the ground at half forward and on the wings.

This allows Cameron more ball, more influence on the game and helps open up the game for deeper forwards of Riccardi and Himmaberg. It also allows the GWS midfield play more direct with other avenues using Cameron rather than going through Whitfield all the time.

That goal kicked by Hill was created by Cameron being up the ground running off into half forward. A glimpse of the tsnami was shown where Cameron up the ground getting more ball is key.

The sooner Riccardi and Cameron figure our how best to play along side each other helping each other the better off the Giants will be including the midfield transitioning into the forward line.

it is no surprise to me Giants where far more effective when Cameron was up the ground including the defensive side and Riccardi's presence in the forward line allows that!!

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