Review Round 14, 2020 vs Sydney

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Club Legend
Feb 17, 2010
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed after a win. That second half was absolutely disgusting. The effort, skills, ball movement and positioning was all completely non existent or just terrible.

Lycett was a joke after half time when Aliir went in there.

Midfield was destroyed after half time.

Forward positioning was pathetic and not once did they work together to create space.

Sutcliffe another useless game and offered nothing.

Westy, useless now and as soon as ladhams is back he should be straight in.

Decision making by all of Burton, Clurey and McKenzie when moving the ball out of defence was terrible. Again just long down the line or usually straight to a swans player.

Duursma, no run or creativity and poor skills today.

Overall, very disappointed


Club Legend
Aug 17, 2014
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
This worrying form is going to see us struggle at the pointy end of the season. Just can’t seem to get it together. I’m not sure of what the answer is but I feel we’re walking on egg shells at the moment. Still it’s a win and we bank 4 points.

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