MVP Round 14 Votes v Richmond

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Dark Sharks

Brownlow Medallist
Feb 21, 2011
Maynard was blocked
AFL Club
West Coast
People underrating Gaff's game, he's underappreciated around these parts.
It's his decision to hack kick it around his body, often not to our forwards advantage, which puts people off mate.

If he's the outside receiver, there is absolutely no excuse to turn and snap kick it into the air when he has time to dispose of it correctly by foot.

What hurts Gaff and his standing among supporters is his rushed kicks around his body.

Often in to space, and often lead to direct turnovers.


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 29, 2005
AFL Club
West Coast
5. Liam Duggan
4. Liam Ryan
3. Luke Shuey
2. Andrew Gaff (not often he gets 6 tackles in a month let alone 1 game)
1. Tom Cole

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