Review Round 15, 2019 - Brisbane Lions vs. Melbourne

Who were your five best players against Melbourne?

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Here come the boys from old Fitzroy
Aug 6, 2008
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Brisbane Lions
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What a game by Hipwood. Lyons was solid again, Zorko with a captain’s game. Our entire midfield fired today and we outran them in the end.

Also, it has been nice to not deal with an influx of entitled Melbourne trolls today. Might as well book your accomodation at the snow now after losing your grand final.


Premiership Player
Jan 12, 2008
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Another game which evokes the classic Lions side - Melbourne competed on around even terms during the first half but we pulled away in the second. Not as much as against STK, but enough to give us a comfortable win.

For the first time in a while, we've actually won two on the trot, which is encouraging.

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All Australian
Apr 3, 2017
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Brisbane Lions
What a marvelous weekend of football! Now if the Eagles had lost as well I would have cried.

My top 5 were
Lyons - Absolute beast. Just doing that nitty gritty stuff.
Neale - Absolute beast again. Maybe not his highest possession game, but he was incredibly solid. Exactly what we need him for. Him and Lyons together showed why we should superglue them together
Hippy - Changed the game. Just sit him about 35-45 out in that wing and let him take pot shots. Beautiful kicking, which leads me to
Zorko - He has the great ability of playing at 100k per hour, but also being really aware and smooth with his movements. He and McCluggage i think compliment each other well.
Martin - We all knew Martin could handle solo ruck. Sure he wasn't on Gawn the whole game and in fact Gawn was winning hitouts i think early. But he really lifted and gave good service. Also serviceable around the ground.

Special mentions to Answerth who continued his solid form, Lester who was actually really good, Gardiner who was our Best Defender, Hodge I think played well, oh and I forgot McCarthy. He probably should overtake Martin in the top five tbh. Moving him up the ground a bit more is real nice. His goal was what Christensen should have done earlier on instead of pass into an uneven contest. Nice and calm

Honestly Andrews and McStay looked lethargic. With his role Andrews was drawn to the contest so it wasn't as noticeable as Mcstay who was unsighted. A real shame.

Berry a good in for all his tiredness, just for that beautiful bounce handpass that led to a goal (i think). It happened so quickly and smoothly it could have been a fortuitous fumble for all i know :)

Rayner for his mistakes was a bull in the end. He needed that kind of game to both give him confidence in his ground ball gets, but also have those horrid mistakes to keep him hungry.

Bailey looked nice in, Starc maybe not so much, but his first for the whole year so not entirely bothered.

Ok i think I will refrain from letting my excitement burst through match threads, just glad I let it happen when we were winning haha.

onto next week !
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Oct 16, 2013
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Central Districts
Remember when it was difficult to name five whole players for the bests? Now it’s hard to leave guys out.

The real stiff guys would be Rich and Answerth and also Linc.

Hodge was also superb, we are such a better team with Bailey zipping around too.

Great win. Melbourne threw punches whilst we shot ourselves in the foot, really we should’ve won by 60+

Anything’s possible next week


Hall of Famer
Aug 10, 2005
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Brisbane Lions
In the end a good game apart from those who were probably sick (Andrews, McStay and Cameron), underdone (Berry and Starcevich) or concussed (McInerney).

Dominant performance from Zorko, Neale, Lyons and Stef supported well by Clug and Robbo. Great spark from Hipwood and the defence had a good game even without Andrews having much of an influence.


All Australian
Apr 3, 2017
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Brisbane Lions
All of a sudden we look fast. Honestly am I going crazy?

Sure Bailey is back in, and we probably gave more opportunity for Answerth, but Charlie Mccarthy Zorko even golly Rayner was doing some nice bursts there.

Maybe it was just the opposition... I certainly don't know. But it was enjoyable (after half time when that speed actually had some control on it.... good lord)


Sep 14, 2006
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Brisbane Lions
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GWS; CCMariners; NQCowboys; Ravens
Hipwood!!! I danced and cheered all around my lounge room when he cut loose in that 3rd quarter 😍
They said on the telecast that he is the only player this year to kick 4 goals in a quarter in the entire comp 👍
My wife wanted to know why I almost sounded pissed off at him kicking his third goal and I had to explain about his ability to miss easy goals.

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