Autopsy Round 15, 2019: St.Kilda v Richmond

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May 27, 2018
The Goal Square
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St Kilda
Bruce would be the least lazy KPF in the AFL. His one year where he camped up forward he kicked 50 goals, since then he has had to run back to defence then stream forward to create a target. He rucks as well and runs multiple leads. He's probably lacking elite traits but lazy would be the last thing I would call Bruce.
Don't forget about the silver platter delivery from our mids. Most of the time they drop it at his feet, or go over his head, or drop it on his head, or ignore him completely. If you look at tackles Inside f50, Matthew Parker is currently on 16, followed by Bruce and Membrey on 12. Lacking polish, yes, but I don't think he could ever be accused of being lazy. As an aside, Lonie was on 9 tackles Inside f50 before he got injured. It is just a coincidence that our form slump coincided with his injury???? (Cue the X Files theme music)
It will be interesting to see how a Bruce, King & Membrey forward line performs. I think it is going to cause some big headaches for opposition teams


All Australian
Jun 18, 2018
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St Kilda
This is what I hope a new coach might change, we play not to lose. Letting guys like Acres go and be creative rather than punishing the players when they choose to make assertive calls could make a lot of our beige players all of a sudden a lot more colourful.
Yep, a many will say we dont have skillful players, but Billings was best in his draft skills wise, Sincs skillful, Battle great kick, Clarke good skills, Coff good skills, Savage rated as a good kick, Long good kick, Wilkie good kick, Marshall good kick from the list we had playing against Richmond. In the 2nd half particularly there were many times where most of these guys could have made an agressive kick to open up play, but ppted for the safe option instead. Asides from that, on the eye test just looks like a lot of our guys are not playing with confidence. Thats what i want to see. Take the game on and back urself in. We will however do that this weekend and gice the Roos a touchup😉

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