Toast Round 15 is Freeze MND Round

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Sep 3, 2005
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Round 12 is Freeze MND round with the big day being the Monday Queens Birthday game between Collingwood and Melbourne at the G.

This is the fifth year for the Big Freeze.

Beanies are on sale for pre order NOW so get on it!!

As always if you want that pretty new freeze badge you gotta buy a beanie or donate then post your receipt in here to be in the running :thumbsu:

Highest score for the round wins :moustache:

Here's a link to buy a beanie or donate...

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Jul 14, 2010
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No idea who is going down the slide this year but I'll be honest. I liked to watch Horse, Bevo, Cameron, Dew and Ross go down again. Kents.
Stewy Dew in a white tank top going down the slide please. :eggplant::eggplant::eggplant:
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Stewie Dew and Scotty Cummings, good mates from there Port days, getting ready for this years slip n slide.
If Stewie Dew is going down again this year, I hope they leave him until last so the inevitable repairs required to the slide don't delay the rest of the day.


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May 21, 2013
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List of entrants:

BF Name - SC Team
  1. Here2tellyouwhy - Ferris the bird
  2. saintbatty - The Futilitarians
  3. stevebbb - Bafingwood FC
  4. SavDog23 - SavDog23
  5. MJC23 - Smooth Movers
  6. JuddgementDay - JuddgementDay
  7. Obese Arachnid - Krakouer Hymen
  8. Goats -
  9. Hai_Newman -
  10. Leftyitis - NQR Product
  11. Test Tickle - Test Tickle
  12. Loose at HB - Blue Balls
  13. Gigantic - Toe Bashers
  14. Riviat - Powered by Coffee
  15. Keg on legs - Balls N All
  16. Marlowe - A Star is Gawn
  17. Kadog - CarnThePies
  18. Seymour Skinner - DylanGrimesFanClub
  19. Thomas Hird 2020 - SnowSky
  20. enobrien - ScrewfaceCapital
  21. Andrewy - The Cape
  22. pincrusher - pincrusher
  23. Dagz - Greene Acres
  24. balmainforever - I hate love songs
  25. gutsroy -
  26. Jiska - Jiska’s Allstars
  27. Suns of Anarchy - TJF Titans
  28. Sir Hugh Percy - Timetrial Allstars
  29. South of the Yarra - Vanessa’s Gorgeous
  30. SC fish - TEAM_FISH
  31. pendlebury_10 - Treloar & Order
  32. Benno_900 - GoonerRoos
  33. NinjaSwan - Ninja Dogs

I'll keep this list updated as we. Please post your SC team name when you post your receipt/proof of purchase.

Last year we had 33 participants, let top that this year lads!
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Obese Arachnid

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Jan 11, 2008
Dirty Boulevard
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There are no other teams.

Hai Kenty,

Thank you for your support! Please find your receipt 0000286557 forBig Freeze 5 by FightMND attached.

Thank you for your contribution to the cause of beating MND and for the impact you have made to help us find a cure.

If you have purchased a beanie online, we are honoured to have our warehouse staffed entirely by loyal and committed volunteers who are working hard to get your new Big Freeze Beanie to you as soon as possible. They are packing thousands of beanies every day, so we ask you to please be patient. Please note packing will only begin on Monday, May 13, 2019.


Get on board fellas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team Name: Krakouer Hymen


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May 21, 2013
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Arsenal, Fluminense; Blue Jays
ok - watch out guys, my spuddy team is coming for you!
Team name is JuddgementDay

BTW - didn't we move the actual competition to be in the round after the Byes? Are we leaving it as RD12 or moving it this year?
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Good point. We need to discuss this!

Round 15 sounds good

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