Game Day Round 15 Vs Richmond

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Club Legend
Jun 30, 2014
AFL Club
Out: Blakely, Duman, Hill and Henry

In: Valente, Watson, Hogan and Frederick

Hughes Ryan Watson
Conca Cox Wilson
Aish Fyfe Bewley
Walters Hogan Frederick
Crowden Tabs Schultz

Darcy Cerra Serong

Brayshaw Mundy Valente Lobb


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 30, 2013
AFL Club
Short break, so not sure if there’s even any point in guessing.
If it was a normal break

out - Blakey Crowden Hill Bewley
In - Hogan Frederick Acres Valente


05 | 13
Sep 20, 2014
AFL Club
Time to rest Darcy and bring Hogan in, chuck Lobb in the ruck and rest him forward in short bursts for Taberner.

Also find a way to bring Giro and Valente in. Hill and Henry for them probably.


05 | 13
Sep 20, 2014
AFL Club
Also, obviously in a perfect world Duman isn't a starter if our list is healthy - but you're crazy to think if Watson played today he wouldn't have gotten murdered. Although Watson might have to come in for Ryan anyways.

Fat Nyfe

Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 18, 2012
AFL Club
Out: Lobb, Blakely, Hill
In: Valente, Frederick, Hogan

That’s on performance - but maybe some more to be managed due to the 4 day break.

Id give Henry another chance, but he needs to show more


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 22, 2011
AFL Club
Other Teams
Liverpool FC, Washington Wizards
Blakely huh. Suddenly we all know why he’s not highly valued. Awful.
Blakely huh. Suddenly we all know why he’s not highly valued. Awful.

Stephen Hill, sasly is done.

Duman. Why bother? I really don’t understand why we’re persisting with him. Watson got dropped playing far better.

Schulz. Meh. He isn’t great. He has ordinary games, pops up for one good one.

Lobb. He’s been awful.
Hogan. Just play him. Our forwards suck.

Watson. Far FAR better then Duman.

North. Time to see what he’s worth. Blakely isn’t that much better.

Frederick. We need his pace and adds value.

Acres. Give him another chance

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Premiership Player
Mar 29, 2019
AFL Club
Other Teams
Arsenal, Glory, Bulls
Hill is past it now, never been the same player and games like today showed he was cooked. Blakely is still a useless spud, delist material. Duman made too many mistakes today but he won't get dropped. Henry and Walters need to stop being so ******* selfish with the ball. Just bring in Hogan please, I don't care who the others are.


Sep 14, 2012
AFL Club
I have had a few during the game so I can't comment on who needs to go.

I did like what Watson was doing and would like to see him get more game time. Im a little disappointed he got dropped to begin with.

I'd love to see valente just to see what he can bring.

Hogan is a must for me. He has been in the garage long enough. Play him anywhere as long as it's attacking.

More than 3 changes is a bit much

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Premiership Player
May 7, 2009
AFL Club
I go back to Watson being dropped for Hill, and I couldn't see how that was justified then. Now it's just unacceptable, integrity at selection needs to be maintained.
Hasn’t looked 100% since returning to team. He wasn’t too bad prior to his injury but looks old, slow and disconnected since returning. Watson worth a go.

Valente deserves a go. Blakely was rubbish today.

Crowden no good and hasn’t been great for a few weeks. Fredericks back in.

One of Lobb or Darcy managed. Both were average today - Hogan in.

Not sure anyone else has done enough to get a game and that incl. Acres, who hasn’t stopped sleeping with the lights on since his last game. In saying that Aish must having the same nightmares and was very soft so could swap these two.

In: Watson, Valente, Frederick, Lobb
Out: SHill, Blakely, Crowden, Hogan

Square Peg

Premiership Player
Jul 20, 2014
Fremantle WA
AFL Club
This is the result you get when it's obvious players are out of form or condition, but the coach won't drop them because "the structures are holding up" or some such bullshit.
It was patently obvious last week that Duman, Lobb and Aish were not up to scratch even in a winning team and here we go again, three of our worse performers again today. They had a few extra mates today to be fair.

Out Duman, Lobb, Aish, Hill, Schultz.
In Hogan, Watson, Colyer, Valente and Frederick
Last edited:


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 21, 2010
AFL Club
Other Teams
Perth Football Club
Blakely - Valente
Serong (rest) - North
Bewley (slow and can't field kick)-Acres
Lobb/Darcy (don't care which) - Hogan or put Fyfe back in the midfield and keep both. (only cos there is no-one else. If we aren't delisting Dixon, then play him instead of one of Darcy or Lobb
Duman (can't defend and doesn't give any run - Watson
Henry (short break)- Freddie.
Hill or Aish- Leno.
Crowden - Colyer


Nov 27, 2018
AFL Club
In: Watson, Valente, Frederick and Hogan.
Out: Hill, Blakely, Crowden and Lobb.

Hill sadly is looking a bit past it. He's been an absolutely star for Freo, but based on the past few weeks I'd be thinking twice before offering him another contract once this one's up. Of course he could turn it around and make me look silly.

Only 6 disposals, 2 tackles and 1 clearance for Blakely. Clearly he was the weakest performer of the inside mids so he comes out for a Valente debut.

I love Crowden and he did have 6 tackles today so he might be a bit stiff, but I think Frederick offers more.

Lobb is just out of sorts and has looked it for the past couple of weeks so he comes out for Hogan. Hogan or Taberner can back up Darcy in the ruck.

FB: Conca Cox Hughes
HB: Wilson Ryan Duman
C: Aish Fyfe Cerra
HF: Frederick Taberner Walters
FF: Henry Hogan Shultz
Fol: Darcy Mundy Brayshaw
Int: Watson Serong Valente Bewley

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