Autopsy Round 16 – Adelaide Crows vs GWS Giants, Tuesday 8th September 2020, Adelaide Oval, 5.40PM

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Mr Magic

Brownlow Medallist
Mar 1, 2010
AFL Club
What has got me is how ineffective the midfield seemed to be.

Crows seemed to have numbers in a lot of places and GWS could not create any spread at all

Giant Strides

Nov 23, 2015
AFL Club
So, it was the crap team that turned up. We have now lost to 3 of the bottom 4 teams - shockingly; but amazingly, we're still in with a chance of playing finals, although there would be little point on the evidence of the last few weeks.

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Spec Moderator
Nov 7, 2017
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Our issues tonight were consistent with the rest of the season.

Our backline was the worst backline we've fielded in a long time, say what will about Keeffe as cover, he shouldn't be anywhere near our starting team, Corr probably got shown up as the limited player he is tonight as well, got caught out of position more than I can remember, Haynes had an average night, as did Shaw. Whitfield was good, as usual left to do essentially everything in the defensive half himself. Ash was, and has been this year, really iffy. I like some of what he does but I continue to get more and more confirmation that we should've taken Young, thats the type of player that'd be the difference for us right now. Obviously both could be anything but early on it's looking like we made the wrong call

Our Midfield, is uh, a shadow of what it was and what it needs to be. We almost look too defensive now, hesitant to approach stoppages, not keen to run and carry, no spread in open play. We look like what Adelaide have looked like all year bar the last two weeks. We often left the back outlet handpass open for them, whether you think thats a forwards responsibility may change your view but thats a massive failure in basic stoppage setups, and it was like clockwork, they'd outright win the tap straight to that loose player or they'd dive on the footy and knock it out the back.

I have very little to say about our forwardline tbh, hasn't been good all year, we need something totally new with our approach

Andre the Giant

Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 20, 2012
Melbourne, VIC
AFL Club
Let’s be honest this team has rarely been connected since 2016.....2000 and bloody 16.

Yes we made a grand final and 2 prelims but our play has so often been disjointed, inconsistent and below par.

We got hot in the finals last year, played with some venom and still scraped our way through only to be demolished.

I have some mates in the game they tell me our players are the problem, they refuse to accept jobs doing roles, they mostly want to be mids and in spite of training hard won’t buy into the coach’s need for them to run both ways.

I don’t know if this is true or not, I suspect it is partially correct but if it’s the case surely you need to change the coach, the personnel or both??

You watch this team in the warm up and they are like the Harlem Globetrotters, they rarely miss a kick, their hand skills are off the hook, they are so clean. Put them in a game and they look like a disjointed, disinterested rabble.

During the week a mate of mine was on Instagram and accidentally caught a private live video of the guys goofing around, it was at 10am and was very average. Unsurprising there was a late out. They are not behaving like professionals, they don’t care enough.

Ive supported this team from day dot when they were getting whipped by 100 points a week and have done so steadfastly because the team was well managed and always cared.

This is just not the case any more and you know what if they stop caring the fans will stop caring as well. It’s as simple as that.


All Australian
Jan 2, 2015
AFL Club
*Re-signing Leon Cameron was a massive mistake. Has he lost the dressing room?
*Coniglio is down on form but why does he insists on kicking in his left all the time. His right has been iffy and his left is far worse.
*i don’t think we can play Sauce again this year. We get smashed around the ball when he plays
*where is the intensity?
*anyone else not that impressed with Hately & Caldwell
*this will be the 4th year in a row we have regressed - where does the improvement come from...


Apr 27, 2016
AFL Club
You guys have been up for a few years now, this is just your down year.

If you could beat bottom 4 sides, you would be another team competing in the top 4. So the line between making a granny and having a disapointing year is marginal.

A few points to make about the future...

1. Get that hardness back. GWS of the previous few years always had a bit of natural physicality. Dare I say it, get that little bit of arrogance back. People think Toby Green is a bit of a prick ? Who cares. As long as he doesnt suspend himself for big games or finals.

2. The obvious one is transition out of back 50. You have the kicking skills of Whitfield and Williams, which is better than most teams, so whats the problem ?I dont think the team runs hard enough to create space and defenders arent willing to risk starting a chain handball out.

3. As a supporter of Richmond, I can tell you this with absolute confidence. Dont start to eat your own, as good as it feels sometimes. Of course be critical etc etc when nessesary, but dont go crazy. Especially when this group beat 16 other clubs only last year.
It can really devour the club, where key decisions are based on appeasing the mob, and not what is the best interest of the club.


Team Captain
Sep 13, 2009
Mt Evelyn
AFL Club
yeah, its not like GWS can add a piece here and there and just power through it seems.

It will take a bit of patience to create a real force to be feared
I doubt they ever really got over the shock of their dreadful Grand Final effort. The Prelim against the Pies was very tough, im glad we lost that actually, we would have been spent force too.

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