Review Round 16 – GWS Giants vs Brisbane Lions, Sun 7th July, Sydney Showground Stadium, 4.40pm

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Land of the Giants

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Sep 6, 2012
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Where and when: Giants Stadium, Sunday July 7, 4.40pm AEST
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What it means for GWS: After last week's poor finish against Essendon cost them a vital win, the Giants must respond against a fellow top-eight contender with four quarters of intense, contested footy.
What it means for Brisbane: A big scalp away from the Gabba would be massive for the Lions' confidence and let the rest of the competition know they're the real deal and ready for a long-awaited finals berth.

The stat: The Giants conversion (47.6 per cent) in front of goal cost them dearly last week against the Bombers, who went at 70.6 per cent. The home side must nail their chances against Brisbane at Giants Stadium.

The match-up: Shane Mumford v Stefan Martin
Mumford has copped some criticism in recent weeks for his free kicks against tally, but he's still a massive part of the Giants' midfield. Martin will match Mumford's aggression at the contest and will try and exploit him around the ground, especially late in quarters.

It’s a big week for: Jeremy Cameron
Facing the Lions for the first time since he was suspended for a brutal hit on defender Harris Andrews, the Coleman Medal leader will want to have an impact. With just five goals from his past three games, the athletic forward is due for a big haul.

Big call: Cameron, Harry Himmelberg and Jeremy Finlayson laid just four tackles between them last week against the Bombers, a damning stat. The trio will respond this week with at least five apiece, and they'll add 10 goals between them.

Prediction: GWS by 25 points

From Land of the Giants
One of the managers where I work is a Bombers supporter, and he asked me if I wanted to have a little wager with him on the outcome of Thursday’s game. I declined - on instinct.

Sadly, my instinct was proved correct. Afterwards, he said I’d been shrewd - and I reminded him that was the reason he’d hired me in the first place.;)

You can complain about the quality of the umpiring all you like (and when it comes to how we’ve been treated this season, the evidence suggests there’s probably more to it than just “the rub of the green”), but having been 19 points up in the last quarter, and then losing, there’s really no excuse for that. Not after the way we flogged them in Round 1.

The reason we lost was that they were hungrier than us, they wanted it more. Just like we did, when we visited the Cattery in Round 4. Remember? We wanted to atone for a previous humiliation.

We seem to have a faulty “on/off” switch. Forget the sports psychologists, we need to hire an electrician.:rolleyes: And it would be a good idea to find one real quick, because if we're serious about being genuine contenders, there aren’t any more games we can let slip.

Next Sunday is now a definition “danger game”. Up-and-coming Brisbane have been a more convincing proposition all year compared to Essendon, especially since enjoying their first win against the Demons at the MCG in seven years. They’ll be pumped, because they’re in line for their first finals appearance in a decade, and would love to add our scalp on the way, as they’ve never beat us at Homebush.

Looking at the injury list, the only possible returns this week would be either Corr or Caldwell. Whitfield isn’t due back until we face the Tigers at the MCG, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we went into next Sunday with an unchanged line up.

Come ON Giants. Do you want the advantage of the double chance? Five of our last eight are at home, and if we win all five, we'll make it, so PLEASE make sure you bring the right attitude on Sunday against the Lions.

Get the four points!:fist:
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General Giant

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Apr 12, 2012
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Nice and sunny.

Track work for today is.....

Buses replace trains between;

Cronulla and Southerland
Clyde and Carlingford.

And there will be no interurban trains between Blacktown and central, suburban runs in the West unaffected.


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Jun 6, 2015
Now Sydney
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Essendon & Giants Womens
The Dogs will get some confidence from their win.
I think it will be all about the run home.
Everyone up to 14th appears to be in touch.
Both clubs play a fast game. May the best team win. The conditions are great so far.
Heading to Giants Stadium shortly for the 2nd half of the Magoos.
Go Giants!!!


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 8, 2012
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2:40 at glenfield interchange, Good to see the orange flooding into the trains.

Perfect day for footy, 2 top 8 teams vying for a top 4 spot, massive implications for the loser.

No excuses giants fans. Get down to Giants stadium

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May 16, 2019
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Seriously Daniels doesn’t have the tools to be an AFL footballer, tacking is not enough . Put Hill in , an under 16 could have kicked better for goal than that last effort


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Mar 8, 2002
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North Melbourne
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LA Angels
Few boys not keen to put their head over the seed here.

Simpson, Haynes, Davis been good as has Hately. Not much else.

Ichabod Noodle

Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 13, 2011
The Riff
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Raiders, Brumbies
I think the Toby Greene rule is Toby Greene will NOT be paid a free under any circumstance.

go your hardest do what you want to him

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