MVP Round 16 Votes v Bulldogs

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The Gov

McLovin' it
Jun 16, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
5. Redden
4. Ryan
3. Duggan
2. Barrass
1. Cole

HM - Ainsworth, best game he's played for the club, admit I was definitely in the pitchforks camp when he was selected but tagging is definitely a role he can do for us, is a good runner/disciplined and shut down the best player of the first half in the second, good on him


Club Legend
Apr 22, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Liverpool FC
5. Ryan
4. Redden
3. Duggan
2. Cole
1. Barrass

HM - Ainsworth. Did a good lock down job on Daniel after he dominated the early stages of the game. May have saved his career going into reduced list sizes as a run with player.

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