MVP Round 16 Votes v Fremantle


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Jun 24, 2009
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5. Nic Naitanui - phenomenal in his 52% time on ground. His impact was beyond anyone else out there tonight. His work around the stoppages turns our midfield into a monster prospect for oppositions.
4. Luke Shuey - impacted the game all day. 28 disposals, 19 contested possessions and 9 clearances. Was assisted greatly by Naitanui's dominance though.
3. Brad Sheppard - deserving Glendinning Medalist. Was the best defender on a night where our defenders just didn't give an inch.
2. Dom Sheed - so vital and impressive as always around the clearances.
1. Jamie Cripps - 4 goals and 14 disposals was a great return. Missed a soda though.

HM: Cameron, McGovern, Ryan, Masten, absolutely everyone else (not a single passenger tonight)
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Nov 13, 2014
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Very even spread of players having great games, makes it bloody hard

5 Shuey, just casually living at the bottom of the pack, taking high bumps, inducing orgasms etc
4 Sheppard, lock in AA back pocket
3 Gaff, lol
2 Cripps, everywhere
1 Masten, good running patterns


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Jul 10, 2012
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5. Shuey
4. Shep
3. Cripps
2. Cameron
1. NN

Everyone played well tonight. Ah Chee was good in the air, Masten played his best game in a long while, Hickey good around the ground, beast Yeo and I could go on and on.


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Apr 30, 2015
Te Fiti
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5. Gaff - for the Freo lolz
4. Shuey - Mr. Reliable
3. Shep- Sheptember not too far away.
2. Barrass - the hero-in-high pants we need.
1. Gov - the hero-in-high pants we deserve.

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Aug 13, 2014
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5. Shuey
4. Crippa
3. Bung
2. Shep
1. Barrass

HM: the whole midfield lead by Naita. First class supply going forward and a heap of pressure to force Freo wide or let our back men feast.


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May 1, 2007
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5. Shep. Absolutely thrilled for Shep- well deserved medallist. If he doesn’t get AA this year...
4. Shuey. Just having a terrific year. In and under, dynamic. Getting some plaudits now as people in the east are seeing how good he is.
3. Nic. Wow. I think we all remember how good he is. But you forget just how good. Our mids are just so much more dangerous with him in the side. 5 goal better side IMO.
2. Gaff. Probably gets 5 on another week. But the three above were just terrific. Would have given plenty in the crowd sore throats just by how often he got it tonight.
1. Hickey. Terrific job on a wet night to kick 2 on a night not really suited for rucks. We lose less when Nics off the ground because Hickeys a decent tap ruck, as well.

HM: all of them. Right down from Nelson who is just doing a great job to Ah Chee who came in late. Cameron was excellent in game 3, Cripps & Ryan are unbelievable in that hard working HF role.


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Apr 1, 2010
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5. Sheppard
4. Shuey
3. Gaff
2. Naitanui
1. Cripps

Masten & Hurn unlucky. Had to give Cripps a vote for being so clinical when there was some heat in the game. Cameron could have this vote, also.
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May 30, 2016
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Freo board reckon Nic Nat did nothing and was useless

lol proves how clueless your average freo flog is

Nic Nat destroyed freo tonight !
Think it must be a perquisite to be clueless about footy in general to support such a useless team

Gotta love the NN denial over there... he played better in his 2nd game this year than all of their team put together
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