Autopsy Round 17, 2019: Hawks defeat Freo

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Nov 25, 2006
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Big day for our young forwards, that group of Lewis, T.O., Hanrahan and Nash has a lot of variety and talent to work with.

With Breust, Gunston and Chad, with the odd Poppy throwback game, it is beginning to show signs of looking like a real Hawthorn forward line.

Birch looked like he'd never been away. Crazy.

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Oct 4, 2007
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Good win
Mixed bag with that drop off in the 2nd and it’s happened a few times this year.

Love seeing Ollie, Hodgie, Nash, Worps and TOBS continue to grow - with the likes of wingers, Jars, scrimshaw, Scully, jom, Sicily and Hardwick you can see the core and with few top shelf additions it’s not looking all gloom

Chad had a good return
Birch is back

Worps acknowledges the growth in his game this is as a result of Sammy - coukdnt speak highly enough of him

4 points On to Geelong and three wins in a row
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