Preview Round 17, 2020: St.Kilda v West Coast - Gabba, Thursday 10th September, 7:10PM AEST

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Mat Mann

significantly pleased himself
May 14, 2009
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St Kilda
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Interesting thing with Coffield is that 12 months ago I had my doubts and only reason I was clinging to hope was probably his draft number.
I feel now like he’s one of our last defensive players we can lose. He’s had an outstanding year. Really hope he gets up.
not alone, certainly wasn't best 18 at start of the year

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Formerly 'Cooksen'
Jun 18, 2011
Flying On A Prawn
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That’d be fine, if he deserved to be dropped. Maybe Ratts is using a different metric we’re not privy to.
It’ll remain weird until we hear a reasoning behind it.
I think the metric is that St Kilda along with most clubs are using a full squad of 24-26 for each game day.

I expect late changes depending on the conditions and whatnot


Oct 4, 2016
AFL Club
St Kilda
Obviously Facebook is not a reliable source.

But a bloke on a St Kilda page has suggested Carlisle is close to meeting a games played bonus and the club is trying to save some $$$.

Usually would pay no mind to anyone on there but after claiming “Jake is one of my good mates” I had a quick look at his profile and one of his profile pictures is with a bloke that is definitely one of Jake’s best mates. So could potentially travel in the same friendship group. Said the info is “not from my mouth.”

Wouldn’t take it too seriously but since we’re all wondering it thought it was worth mentioning.
Poor by the club if true


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 8, 2016
AFL Club
St Kilda
Happy with the team , but still feel Carlise should be in the team , anyway if wet weather is forecast they might think a 2m keyback might be at a disadvantage and prefer to go with a smaller backline.
No doubt they will use Battle there if needed , all up the team looks good.
The trigger talk is bs - he is either not 100% fit or he has upset someone.

Dr Spaceman

Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 9, 2011
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St Kilda
Carlisle a late change for Gears I wouldn’t mind seeing. Preserve old legs and what not.
Considering the predictions of our duelling Rob Gells:

Weatherzone which uses BOM.. says about 40-50% chance of rain while the game is on. Was also supposed to rain heavily on Sunday.. it didnt
Well 5 to 10 mills are expected from afternoon to evening. That is a bit of rain. Enough to make it slippery. Of course it may not rain but it’s 70% expected.
Perhaps the match committee are waiting for game day to see if it turns out to be a passing puppy_dog7 or whether it’s torrential plugger66. After all it’s probably an easier exercise to bring in Carlisle from the emergencies than to name him and then drop him from the 22 if the heavens open (in which case West Coast may also make changes) 🤔


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 2, 2003
AFL Club
St Kilda
He is not contracted for next year , so a trigger for a bonus this year then unemployed - joke
Nobody knows the details, so let's go easy. Who knows how much, which cap, when, extensions, what position that leaves us in now and in the future. No one knows, so everyone relax and don't start lighting your torches just yet.

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Jun 14, 2007
AFL Club
St Kilda
Coming into finals we just wouldn't do it 100% sure of that
Agree. Would be such an amateurish move to do something like that to save money. The amount of money we’d save doing that would be more than made up in the extra revenue that we’d bring in by making finals.
Seems nonsensical to believe this could be a legitimate reason.


Club Legend
Jun 17, 2018
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St Kilda
Biggest concern for mine is kicking it inside 50 & the Weagles tall defenders intercepting. Cats, Lions & Demons talls marked everything. We seemed to adjust verse Hawthorn but went too far the other way. I am hoping we find the balance between bombing it long & playing a bit more conservative.
The f*cking long bomb to nothing does my head in. It is so frustrating to watch, and undoes so much effort and work. Play a bit more cleverly and hit targets with genuine football skills and we won't have to do the moronic long bomb to no one in particular, and give the oppositions key back 3 Brownlow votes after a game.
A gameplan forward of centre with leading talls, and a few smart diversions from guys like Membrey (Who has had a shocking year, even if he's playing a different role) would be a good starting point. There is more to getting goals than cheap crumbs out the back and Max clunking 1/10 pack marks. We've got good players up there capable of more than they're doing...I'd like to see them demand more accountability from those up the ground.


All Australian
Oct 3, 2016
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St Kilda
I told someone on Here awhile ago and it's true about Carlisle he's done. Told he has a sh*t attitude and he was done after the Brisbane game. They don't want him.

Diehard Saint

Brownlow Medallist
Jan 17, 2016
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St Kilda
Like you said, unreliable. However if found to be true, the club would have big questions to answer. Like, why did we risk/miss finals for a relatively small amount of $...
I find it incredibly hard to believe this would happen with the professional outfit we now have running the club.
It’s worth more to the club to make finals than whatever bonus might be on the line for Carlisle.


Brownlow Medallist
Jul 12, 2016
AFL Club
St Kilda
Their midfield has been crunched. This is our opportunity to get them. We need to win this game.

I think there’s a clear challenge for us to run and gun through them. We haven’t matched there key position stocks, we're playing our own smaller quicker game.

Have to use the ball wisely and not bomb it long to McGovern/Hurn/Barass.

Backline battle will be interesting against their wealth of talls, could be very worrying. Battle has to go back.

Kelly their only top mid, perhaps we run with him. We have to beat them in there.
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