Review Round 17, 2020 - Sydney vs. Brisbane Lions

Who were your five best players against Sydney?

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Pollyanna's statistician
Sep 19, 2015
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Swansea City, Gumbies FFC
McStay BOG for mine, worked hard all game, lots of important marks, fantastic wet weather game from him.
Lyons stepped up in the midfield with Berry out and Neale tagged.
OMac had a great game, worked hard, some good hands.
Lester was a rock down back.
Coleman was fantastic and dynamic all over again.
Hinge looked good.
That period early in the last where Archie gained ruck ascendency was really important.
Robbo was very much himself, what more can I say :heart:
And Neale getting tagged into the ground probably won me my Fantasy matchup 😂

Plenty of others I could mention, first five get my votes I think.


Club Legend
Apr 3, 2017
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Play of the year: Big O going for that torp.

Now to find a video of it...

McStay great, Lester Lyons Big O and Rich all really good.
Coleman Neale Zorks Bailey Answerth Hippy Charles all had really good moments too

good solid win, and when the game freed up we switched it on.

Don't think Neale will get the 5 coaches votes required to seal that award.. dangit


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 13, 2001
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
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Melbourne Victory
That is quite an impressive performance. Sydney aren't at the pace this year but we know that they can be dangerous. And they got within a kick and there was always a chance we'd panic.

And we did the exact opposite of panic, and we made the game ours.

Tough circumstances for both teams, and we were a little tougher and a little classier. Those are good reasons to win games.

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Brownlow Medallist
Oct 13, 2001
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Great response from us in the last quarter.

I was sh!tting bricks when they got within 2 points

If we have a kick from 45 after the siren to win a big final, I want Zac to have the shot.

He is easily the most technically correct and reliable set shot for goal in our side.

The camera shot from behind him for that last shot was a thing of beauty

Maroon Monsoon

All Australian
Oct 1, 2019
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
I really did not think I'd have to give a fu** about this game but I'm so glad that the swans made it close enough that I did. That last quarter was a cracker.

How good was it to see kiddy get his first goal! I also really liked Charlie and hippys games, though they were just outside the votes for me.

But the absolute best part of the game was getting the win to lock down a top two finish and not having any new injuries! I'd forgotten what having the team get through unscathed was like after the past two weeks!


Club Legend
Feb 23, 2008
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Brisbane Lions
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Fitzroy Liverpool MVFC SMFC HCFC
Great win tonight in tough, greasy conditions. Highlight for me

Coleman’s goal and seeing the boys get around him. They came from everywhere and were genuinely wrapt for the kid, and

Hipwoods goal running at full pace, under pressure against 2 opposition players and kicking a brilliant goal on his non preferred foot 👌

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