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Feb 8, 2001
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It's one of those rounds that provides many 50/50 games which means value on the pick 4's and treble's at TAB Sportsbet.

Friday night should bring Essendon back to the winner's list so inturn should be used as the anchor of all possible combinatons.
A pick 4 containing ESS-HAW-WCE-SYD is paying 6.25. Not bad considering west coast have only lost to freo in the west and yet to lose a home game and the struggling sydney face carlton at a ground they seemed to enjoy against the bombers. Ofcourse the sticking point is the Hawks v Lions game at the MCG. I personally like the hawks in this one - who have been playing good footy the past months while brisabane is just doing enough to get wins. This is the only game for the Lions at the People's Ground and despite how good any side is - the travelling can even up many games. The alternative is to have Brisbane instead of Hawthorn which is paying 4.25.

Treble's this week pose many tantalising opportunities but seeing as you only need 3 teams to win, this one is the one you should rely on bringing it home for you. This is wide open I feel, but if you are looking for something I'm going to put some hard earned on the GEEL-STK-KANG combination at 4 even. Geelong in great form return to Skilled Stadium infront of no doubt a huge crowd to cheer them on, St Kilda will continue to improve against Freo who are a shadw of themselves once they board a plane and the Kangaroos will probably win the arm wrestle against the Doggies who have a "must win" game hanging over their heads.

Too complicated? My interest bet of the round would be $10 on the hawks under 39 1/2 points at 2.75.

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Feb 8, 2001
Essendon under 39.5 - $2.25 - looks alright to me.

The Sunday treble has a pretty even split of odds. The way to go might be Geelong and St Kilda into your fancy out of the Dogs and the Roos. Both are paying $4.50.

Matthew Lloyd is kinda sorta out of form, and Alastair Lynch is playing Hawthorn, against whom bags are rarely kicked, so it might be a good week to back your fancy in the Leading Weekly Goalkicker. Stephen Milne is 40-1, and he could bag a few against the Shockers on Sunday.

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