Game Day Round 17: Port Adelaide v Brizvegas

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Mar 3, 2014
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Port Adelaide
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After last week and cats game it really shouldn't be...
Not if you look at match-ups, strengths and weaknesses. Crows and geelong have slower midfields, not as damaging (now Betts has dropped off) small forwards.
These are the things that have killed us for years, it's why today's result was obvious, as will it be when we play Essendon.

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May 9, 2014
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Port Adelaide
I know I’m going to get told where to go but honestly, How does Dixon escape criticism?
Because he's coming off a near career ending injury, and plays key position in a side that has no quality delivery to him, and he is constantly triple and quadruple teamed. But yeah criticize him all you like. If some of his team mates had a quarter of the heart and put in the effort he did we'd be better then a 8-8 side.

Capital Power

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Jul 31, 2005
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Eleven goals in our last two home games. Why the **** can't we have a **** game plan that suits the **** oval we play on **** twelve times a year?

And when are we going to play anything that resembles a forward line? Just totally sick of winning the i50s every week and still getting thrashed.


Mar 6, 2011
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Port Adelaide
A couple of diabolical umpiring decisions and the tactical/selection error to "target Lachie Neale" gave Brisbane early momentum and game was as good as over after 10 mins. Sutcliffe might end up being Port's latest entrant to "one game wonder" club. On to next week!
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