Preview Round 18, 2020: St.Kilda v GWS - Gabba, Friday 18th September, 7:50PM AEST *MARSHALL 50TH*

Who Wins?

  • Saints

    Votes: 52 64.2%
  • Giants

    Votes: 29 35.8%

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Senior List
Aug 23, 2020
AFL Club
St Kilda
Why do we need to bring back webster, roberton and savage?

They were sh*te in a team that was on the bottom of the ladder and their best footy is well and truly past them. The only players I see them coming in for is bottom 4 players that don't play their position.

They are pure "break glass in case of emergency" players now and are well past the age demographic of our playing list. I see savage being desisted this year, roberton retiring and webster being traded at the end of this year.

And don't give me that "RoBbO wAs ToP 40 Aa" crap. That was before his heart gave out twice. Love the blokes, but time to say thanks and have a nice life


All Australian
Oct 3, 2016
AFL Club
St Kilda
Admit it shi* fuc k ing team selection. Too fking small backman. Ratten fked it at selection.

Paton and long were garbage. Robbo and Savage and Carlisle should be in.

Drop KING can't Mark or put pressure. Barrasss taking the piss on him. Before people say wet conditions and bombing. They did fine. King Allowed barrass to mark easily.

In: Carlisle, Robbo, Savage, Bytel

Out: Long, Paton, Kent, King

Battle moves fwd.
Marshall was very disappointing.

Carlisle is done but put him in. Want them to risk Hanners but they won't.
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