Review Round 18 vs Carlton.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 17, 2013
AFL Club
Gold Coast
They were the worst until They changed coaches. I know Dew is highly rated but I see nothing to be excited about in terms of player development or game plan
Spot on.
I think some players have gone backwards because they are not allowed to play to their strengths.

Dew just looks so lost in the coaches box.
The club just need to go out and get someone like Paul Roos to sit next to him weather he wants it or not

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Premiership Player
Jan 22, 2018
AFL Club
Gold Coast
The only difference between teams is confidence. Suns confidence is totally shot after 12 losses but effort is there. By the way we also miss 10 players from best 22 while Carlton is missing 4 and is 1 year 2 months older. Looking good Brodie.

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