Review Round 18 vs Western Bulldogs @ Metricon Stadium (17.07.2021 @ 4:35pm)

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Mar 18, 2011
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I'll also throw in a call-out to Ranks. The role he's playing right now is so selfless. Everything he does just sets up plays for his teammates. If anything I think he's gone too far in that direction.

Ainsworth could take a leaf out of that book tbqh.

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Mt Isa Mustang

Nov 23, 2019
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Gold Coast
Just watched
All in all - thought we did ok.

Their midfield was just too good in the end - Macrae killed us. They took their opportunities better around goal.
Sexton poster right at the end, the Atkins goal, the Atkins failure to hit Corbett when free inside 50 in the last quarter, Lukosius nicked poster, Ainsworth flimsy kick toward goal on the turn in the last quarter. We could really have kicked 2-3 extra goals with a bit more composure around goal.

Think Collins game has been severely underrated - haven't seen his name mentioned in here but can't think of a contest he lost.
Bruce - top 5 in the coleman and Naughton - best young key forward in the game (as widely reported) were inconsequential.

Sharp not only got lots of ball and used it pretty well but he also had team high 9 score involvements and 8 intercept possessions - 3rd best for the team. Very impressed. Seems like is very skilful with putting the right weight on his kicks - never seems to under or over hit his 20-35m passes.

Swallow was solid in defence toward the end.

Starting to see a few great signs from King - seems stronger when flying for the ball recently - Crunched a few packs. Making defenders who sit in front of him really think twice.

Wished Anderson could kick one of the goals, especially that one where he got on the end of a few handballs and broke through the 50 at pace, kicking from 40m - we need him getting on the scoreboard - came in with the reputation as a damaging forward half midfielder - only kicked 4 goals (and 9 behinds) in 32 games so far.

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