Autopsy Round 19, 2021 | Autopsy vs Carlton

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Flawed Genius

Apr 26, 2008
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Gilroy flattening McLeod
Jy Simpkin absolutely destroyed Sam Walsh. Comprehensively deleted him

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 25, 2006
Mount Waverley
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Gerard Healy’s favourite backman in Jacob Weitering such a good defender that they take him out of the backline lol

Also thought Walsh stuck manfully to his tagging job on Simpkin :)


Club Legend
Jun 1, 2012
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Larkey 7. Thomas 22 and 4. Stevo 23 and 3. Simpkin. LDU. Scott. fu** me. We are gonna be seriously good sooner rather than later.

Couldn’t have done it to a more deserving sh*tstain of an organisation. No heart, no hope, going nowhere. Just makes it extra sweet.

PS even Polec looked desperate and hungry when he came on. We are in the right hands, it should be crystal clear for all to see now.

Carn North.

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