Review Round 19, 2021 - Brisbane Lions vs. Gold Coast

Who were your five best players against Gold Coast?

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Club Legend
Apr 3, 2017
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
we got all we needed out of that. A step in the right direction, and more importantly some confidence.

Robbo McCarthy McCluggage (2nd half) and Big O best on for me.

Happy with the surprise of Berry and Fullarton playing so well. I like Ah Chee up forward.

Payne lifted after a bad start.

feel bad for the suns, but I really like their defence. Lemmens, Collins, Ballard, Lukosius and especially Powell.

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Hammelmann Appreciation Society
Sep 19, 2015
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Swansea City, Gumbies FFC
Much preferred that second half. Mitch was great, one who wanted it even in the first half. Oscar really got on top of the ruck contest early and dominated. Won the ball out of it a lot. Clugga so classy and Lyons just went big, especially lifted us in the second, because of course he did.

ABC commentators going off about the Marcus Ashcroft medal.


Professional Footy Watcher
Oct 27, 2014
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Few things of note:
1. When the whole team was down, it was Robbo and Lyons continually powering the engine room. Once we got our game rolling everything clicked but it was those two that kept us in the game when it was ours to lose.
2. Not downhill skiiers but so many people just turned it on when the game was on the line. Birchall, McCluggage, Big O. All massive in tearing the game open when we went on to kick 11 goals in a row.
3. I enjoy the arsey stuff more than anyone else but please for the love of god, I just wish we could kick straight and absolutely annihilate a team one week. 17.18. Could've posted an insane score today.
4. Really hopeful that the second half spurs us on for this last month of footy and builds faith that our best is good enough. Lions aren't done quite yet.


Premiership Player
Apr 4, 2015
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Not sure what to make of the win tbh except to say the last half should give us a lot of confidence into the next game.

They were like witches hats in the last 40 minutes.

We got the win we needed.


Club Legend
Sep 1, 2013
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Well. That second half was much more like that. Play like we did in the first half in the finals and we're getting flogged. Play like we did in the second half and we're not a team you want to be facing. Good character shown is encouraging.

Robbo best for m, based mainly on first half and Linc McCarthy is a bloody good player. Does a lot of hard running when not in possession and has the class to put the icing on the cake when required.

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