Review Round 19 - Gold Coast vs Essendon

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Sep 17, 2014
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Touring our facilities doesn't fit in with his recent push for us relocating to Tasmania.

He's run with that 3-4 times recently on radio and when pushed he's admitted it's just his opinion.

"Gold Coast Suns are a soulless club" 2017

"I think there's a sneaky chance they'll rebrand or talk the Suns into going"
"It's almost too late now for the Gold Coast Suns. Too much damage has been done"
"their dwindling few thousand hometown fans"
"parents hoping their sons don't end up on the Gold Coast".

All from different articles.

Evans hit back with yeah / nah “Queensland has 265,000 participants in Aussie Rules. Tasmania has 44,000"

Evans probably saw him walking towards the entrance and locked the doors.
and that's the essence of the reason we will be here for ever, the growth of kids and grass roots participation here is growing rapidly and the AFL are fundamentally wanting that...….. it's the main reason other than TV dollars BUT if you don't have the supporter base and participation the TV viewing isn't sustainable so its crucial for the groundswell of attachment to AFL for kids and families up here and they are on a one way ticket now to sustainable growth as the #1 game

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