Game Day Round 19: West Coast vs North Melbourne - Fist of the Norf Star


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Genre: Fighting Game
Developer: Adam Simpson/Brad Scott Rhyce Shaw
Release Date: 27/07/2019


Fist of the Norf Star II (the 2018 iteration of the popular fighting game series) was largely a disappointment. But with new fighters, stages and battles to play, Fist of the Norf Star III promises to be the best version yet!

Updated roster:
The roster for FOTNS III has been expanded to 12 fighters, with the additions of Josh Kennedy for West Coast and Jared Polec for North Melbourne being the most noteworthy additions from last year. Fans were left frustrated and disappointed by Josh Kennedy’s absence from FOTNS II, who was a curious omission from the roster after being one of the most popular fighters in the original.

In a peculiar move, the other new fighter is Jared Polec. More known for his appearances in the films Port Adelaide: Swastikas are fashionable, Port Adelaide II: Throwing Bananas, Port Adelaide III: How To Lose After the Siren and his starring role alongside Cher in the The Mask, Polec makes his debut fighting game appearance in FOTNS III. Polec brings some more dash to the North Melbourne roster.


New Location:
FOTNS III is now set at the sunny Optus Stadium. This change in setting creates a much warmer atmosphere which is a far cry from the cold, damp Blundstone Arena from FOTNS II that many felt wasn’t as conducive to the type of gameplay fans like to see.
These ideal conditions are likely to benefit the West Coast Eagles, but North Melbourne’s recent form suggests it will still be a tight tussle.

New and improved moveset:
Amongst all the new moves added in for FOTNS III, the ‘Gaff Uppercut’ is the most game-changing. For a fighter that was more renowned at being agile but not causing a lot of damage, the addition of the uppercut completely changes the way he’s played. No longer do players need to hold back with Gaff, when timed correctly this move does as much damage as a Barry Hall left hook.


Luke Shuey’s classic ‘Nut Punch’ has been upgraded to what is now called the ‘Ball Burster’, which adds a stun mechanic causing the opponent to miss a week of football.


Will Schofield’s ‘Phantom Elbow’ actually makes contact now, transforming the move into a devastating attack that decapitates the opponent.


Key Battles:


Josh Kennedy vs Ben Brown:
Ben Brown is back. After a relative quiet period mid-season, Brown is now back in form and will pose a huge threat. However, if Josh Kennedy can get back to his best and have a day out after his own quiet period it’s hard to imagine North Melbourne staying in touch during all 4 rounds of this battle.


Elliot Yeo vs Ben Cunnington:
Each sides’ inside bull. Both are incredibly tough and resilient fighters, being exceptional at both offense and defense. Yeo’s grappling is his strong point, whilst Cunnington has recently made a knack of hitting high when his opponent least expects it. Whomever gets the upper hand in the coalface holds the key to the midfield battle.


Andrew Gaff vs Jared Polec.
The previous matchup focused on the inside battle, however once the battle switches to the outside the fight between the running wingmen becomes important.
After switching camps from Port Adelaide during the off-season Polec will surely have his own personal vendetta against the Eagles, after losing 2 of his last 3 matches by a kick after the siren. If Gaff can keep his good form going but clean up his disposal a little he’ll be a hard man to stop.

My Prediction:


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The Dodger

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Apr 12, 2010
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"FINISH HIM"... I hope they have taken away the friendship fatality of FOTNS II. That was boring.
Also can we take off blood mode makes it not look as bad. Also makes Willie Rioli's heart rip fatality humorous as it looks as they he reaches in and pulls out nothing.

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