Review Round 2, 2021: Box Hill Hawks v Northern Blues, 24th April 2021, 2pm @ BHCO

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Roger Rogerson

Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 9, 2006
Malvern East
AFL Club
Haven't had a chance to post since being at the game on Sat.

Jeka very clean and moves well. He deserves a call up. Good presence. Got some craft. Fitness might be the query at the next level up.

Pepper has something. Really good speed and reads it well and good in a contest. Won't surprise to see him debut this year.

Morris looks great physically but learning a new role so is out of his comfort zone. To his credit he is working hard with some great tackles but not quite pulling things off with the ball. Worth persisting with as he looks to have a willingness to put his head down and work hard to instruction.

Bramble very nice stepper out of congestion. Kicking needs polish at time but good at carry from stoppages.

Reeves a lot of hit outs but a bit same same. Not deft or dominating so still a work in progress. Got some work to do fitness wise take the next step but developing really nicely. Looks a footballer now and starting to show some size. Couple of good marking efforts too.

Saunders gee has some real toe but still rather raw but a nice prospect indeed. Again something to work with.

Greaves not quite at the level he was last year. I note Mitchell's summary had him in a lock down role hence the low possessions but not quite captain dependable with the ball as we know.

Brocky very quiet even before injury. I think he is one who plays better at the higher level.

A shame Downie misses another game. This injury sub rule robbing players of development minutes when the VFL and AFL fixtures don't work in harmony. Poor result for players.

Will we see Gunners this weekend?

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