Autopsy Round 2, 2021: St.Kilda v Melbourne *SPUD'S GAME* *SINCLAIR 100TH*

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Pardon me

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Aug 13, 2016
South Gippsland
AFL Club
St Kilda
The opposition scoring shots were disappointing. Outworked in the midfield and if it wasn’t for their terrible accuracy would have absolutely humiliated us. Far too many passengers in Gresham, Hill, Long, Hunter, Butler, Higgins and Lonie.
Billings, Membrey, Steele and the defense (not you Long) can take a bow considering the amount of times the ball was headed their way.
frustratingly it looks like we’ve drank some bath water although I can’t see it being warranted. Hopefully some guys of a higher caliber are due back this weeek against an undermanned Essendon. If we lose that...oh boy.


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Apr 19, 2010
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St Kilda
Could have been a lot worse, at least the percentage hasn't taken the hit that it should have.

It was clear from early on that Gawn and Jackson was going to be far too much to overcome. Even when we got up by a few goals we still didn't look like the better team.

Beat the bombers next season and start getting guys back in the team.

This is a game we just need to put behind us and move on to next week.

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