Round Round 2 Matchday Discussion

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James Boag's #1 Customer
Aug 23, 2018
AFL Club
A bit peeved with round 2 but others in here have had it much worse so I'll take my lot without too much complaint. But my complaint.....
Heppell, in for back scans on Thursday, club says he'll be fine to play, just a check up. Well freckle me he's a late out. So at the last minute while I'm out for drinks with family I shuffle Heppell to the bench and my choices to field are Brockman from the Haks or Scott from the Dogs. I put Scott on ground. Freckle freckle freckle!!!

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May 8, 2004
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Produced a score that would make Richie Benaud proud!

Not a bad week considering the sh*te show last week, but having Highmore (77) marooned on the bench by accident instead of Kozi (38) cost me 39 points, and likewise Scott (23) didn't help!

Score: 2,222

Overall:19,717th (UP 16,787)

TRADE: Dangerfield, Rowell :recycle: Martin, Dunks

:fire: Macrae/Gawn 137, Grundy 135 C, Dunks 132, Lloyd 124, Laird 121, Short/Dusty 120

❄ Daniel 66, Taranto 67, Scott 23

🤑 Gulden 136, Impey 123, Campbell 128, Flynn 78

Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 11.32.29 pm.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 11.39.44 pm.png


Nov 6, 2003
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West Adelaide
Well what a weekend that was many "live" Rookies, the trick is nailing the right ones on-field

Two weeks and I have failed at this .....last week Gulden stuck on my bench ....this week Campbell on my bench, and Rowe on-field

But Why.gif

Oh I don't know, made no sense .....a small FWD was always going to stink it up after a big debut ....Campbell on his home turf against a bottom 4 side .....cost me 100 points

Then got hit with Fyfe's concussion :'(

2,240 for the week ....carrying Fyfe trades

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