Round Round 2 Matchday Discussion

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Andrew Birch

Boomer Degen
Dec 3, 2017
AFL Club
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Well what a weekend that was many "live" Rookies, the trick is nailing the right ones on-field

Two weeks and I have failed at this .....last week Gulden stuck on my bench ....this week Campbell on my bench, and Rowe on-field

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Oh I don't know, made no sense .....a small FWD was always going to stink it up after a big debut ....Campbell on his home turf against a bottom 4 side .....cost me 100 points

Then got hit with Fyfe's concussion :'(

2,240 for the week ....carrying Fyfe trades
Trading uninjured Danger but holding concussed full-forward Fyfe :think:

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