Review Round 2 vs North Melbourne @ Metricon Stadium (27.03.21 - 7:10pm)

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 17, 2010
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Big expectations, Big Win. Happy with the result unfortunately have to deal with two knee injuries. Poor Buddas & Daysies

Easter Friday against the Crows looking forward to it, Touk is an absolute workhorse, and i do agree on Lynchy & Derm the boys have all realised the talent is here and have signed on, it's time to get some wins and have a full crack at it. Go Suns
Touk has been an absolute warrior for this football club. Spitta has had a good start to the year as well.

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Brownlow Medallist
Mar 18, 2011
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Other Teams
New England Patriots
Corbett is fine for a second ruck. Has the tank to run all day and his contested marks around the ground would be fantastic.


Senior List
Apr 28, 2020
AFL Club
Gold Coast
I'd go corbett and atkins in for the injured blokes tonight, or is Atkins injured and im just not aware of it
Due to our list management choosing a couple of kids that probably should have spent another year in the academy instead of ruck and key position depth it will have to be Burgess and Harbrow , Atkins is injured, how we find ourselves in this position with 49 players is beyond me


Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 4, 2010
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Other Teams
Haha I know. He is experienced depth, still probably a step up on some of the youth we have like Jez.
He's utterly washed - bring in Sharp or McLennan, rather find out about these guys than Harbrow getting his pants pulled down on a weekly basis.

Mt Isa Mustang

Club Legend
Nov 23, 2019
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Overall happy with the win
Boys did well to back up the trip to West Coast.
I'd take a 1-1 start with % 127 before round 1.
Was hoping we'd hit the 100 mark. Nonetheless, it's our highest score since we put 101 past Carlton in Round 2 2018!

Touk Miller a jet and doesn't get the plaudits from the AFL world he deserves. This in the last quarter epitomises Touk. Sprinting to make distance, just in order to shepherd his team mate. Anderson unfortunately misses the shot. He's also getting a lot better on the offensive end, ranked 11th in the league for score involvements per game.

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 9.28.33 pm.png
Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 9.28.02 pm.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 9.28.37 pm.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 9.28.05 pm.png

Midfield: Along with Miller Anderson and Weller dominated their opposition.
- Anderson 35 touches, 13 contested (2nd most on ground) @ 80% with 10 score involvements (2nd most on ground) whilst playing 87% TOG. The kid turned 20 last month.
- Weller, again kicking goals. Becoming a reliable mid/forward that can hit the scoreboard consistently. Something we've never really had.

Macpherson had a good games, busy, bustling - just lacking a bit of polish.

I thought Greenwood was reasonable in the ruck. Treating it very much like a box out in basketball. I'm not actually sure where this Burgess is a good back up ruckman talk came from. I watched all the practice games and saw him rucking for about 5 mins and didn't look any better than Greenwood. For me it is definitely Corbett in for Day.

Wingers: Perfect balance between the offensive Lukosius and defensive Ellis
- Luko evolving week by week. Seeing him get forward and take that pack mark in the forward line is critical. An area that opposition wingers cannot match him. 3 shots on goal the last 2 weeks. If he can kick 15 goals from the wing this year - huge for us. 12 score involvements tonight was game leading.

Defence: Collins and Ballard we're virtually impenetrable tonight.
- North's tall forwards Walker, Larkey and Zurharr had 1 contested mark and 1 shot on goal between them.

Lemmens another accomplished game. Maybe starting to real his bull in a china shop nature in. Very happy for him to remain in the team for the time being.

Buderick is just heartbreaking. Was having a great game tonight and in a position we really need. Can see him becoming an absolute class back pocket. Devastated for the guy. Depends on match up's I'm happy to go with Lemmens against the small. Not sure when Jez Mclennan's contract is up, but would want to be pushing for AFL games sometime soon.

Forwards: I thought they were probably our most out of sorts line tonight
- King: Kicked another 3 goals which is great. Should be taking more of the marks he misses. Easy chance for 5 tonight.
- Rankine: As mentioned earlier just looked off the pace. Still had an influence - had 5 shots on goal. His kicking to others in the forward line is sublime.
- Day: Was having a nice game until he went down injured.
- Swallow: Another great game in the forward half. 7 tackles, 9 score involvements, 1 goal, 1 goal assist. Reckon he'd really be enjoying playing footy at the moment.

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Sun Stormer

Mature Age Recruit
Jul 27, 2018
Gold Coast
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Beat North and smashed them. This is a great night a glorious night for our community.
And we have scored the knee trifecta now

2MP would be a nice replacement for Day but oh yeah that’s right we gave him away for nothing
Come on down CBurgess and club legend JHarbrow

And Scotch tonight for the brotherhood and sisterhood of the beautiful little city
....and Zak Smith also plus of course our permanent knee - Rory.

Yeeted Suns

Jun 7, 2018
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Other Teams
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Went to the game. Got the job done as I expected but left feeling a little flat about the injuries.


Club Legend
Sep 25, 2012
AFL Club
Gold Coast
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How good is Noah going to be once he gets that man strength, he is going to just run through people
Does anyone know if Noah has a basketball background? His ability to catch and control the ball with one hand is absurd.

That play where he controlled the ball on the ground in the contest with one hand without taking proper possession was next level.


Club Legend
May 27, 2013
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Very happy with our performance last night. We did exactly what we should have done to a team that is likely heading for the wooden spoon. In complete control the entire match and continued to hunt for goals late in the game when other teams might take the foot off the pedal. As a fanbase we should be expecting performances like those against the worst teams in the AFL. For context, Port Adelaide beat the Roos by 52 points last week and we beat them by 59 points last night and we know Port are absolutely flying at the moment.

Obviously the injuries weren't ideal but we can't really do anything about that. Just bad luck.

Does anyone know if Noah has a basketball background? His ability to catch and control the ball with one hand is absurd.

That play where he controlled the ball on the ground in the contest with one hand without taking proper possession was next level.
His handles are extremely impressive. Apparently both he and Rowell played club basketball in their younger years and would often face off in grand finals in that sport as well!


Premiership Player
Jan 22, 2018
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Great to watch game live and experience W. Every game is difficult. No win is easy especially in our stage of development.

Happy with performance in difficult conditions - it was humid and dewy. We backed it up after taxing Eagles game. We dominated the whole game except 5min late in 3rd when North put us under a bit of pressure.

We did miss opportunities again. It should be 40 points up after 1st quarter.

Crowd under 7K was disappointing. 1K was probably North supporters. Where are SUNS fans?

Injuries. With this rate we will run out of players round 6.

Hoping that Day will come back in the second half of the season. He was in some serious pain. PCL, MCL best scenario? He actually played really well before injury and is an important player in our system. No way can Corbett provide the same contest inside 50.

Budarick improved on his Eagles performance. A real shame he did ACL. Probably Harbrow will replace him or McLennan if ready. Just wondering how Nicholls is going. He has a great speed and mongrel, a bit like Budarick.

We brought the effort, contest and controlled tempo again. Synergy is there. Forward pressure was fantastic. With limited rotations and 20 mins quarters teams can’t go pressure crazy all the time. It did look like we spent a bit too much petrol in 3rd quarter but came back strongly in the last quarter.

Eagles game was a great practice for our defence. We handled North forwards comfortably. Great to see Lemmens and Powell limiting North players (Zurhaar, Stevenson).

My player of the game
Watching from the stand it got to be Miller for me. Just great performance. He understands the game, organizes midfield, puts extra effort in key moments. Power running all day.

Honourable players
Luko - is already a nightmare match up for oppositions.
Markov - gut running 5 min to go was fabulous. Some of these runs through midfield were great to watch. He’s a steal.
Anderson - all signs points to becoming a star.

Macpherson was very good. Especially watching from the stand one can see his tireless work and pressure similar to Holman. Understands our system well.

Brodie - I did not notice him too much live but watching replay he seemed OK. Good clearances, good DE and he did spend 76% on the ground.

Ellis - he really owns the wing defensively and runs hard. He limited Gaff last week and again he was great yesterday. I can forgive him average contest from time to time.

Some people suggested that Metricon is to blame for ACL. I don’t think that’s the fact. Last year 42 games were played at Metricon and I am not aware of any ACL.
As far as I know Rischitelli, Rayner and now Budarick did ACL there and all were the same - typical no contact, change of direction. I don't think you can blame surface for this type.
I believe Dunn also did ACL at Metricon in contest and Thompson did first one there during training. Thompson second and Wigg, Conroy happened on training grounds. If I remember correctly, Lions Rich also did his ACL at Metricon long time ago but that was because a player fell on his leg.

Onto Crows. They bring serious heat but can’t maintain it. We never won in Adelaide. It will be very difficult on 6 day break and travel again.
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Ben Drever

Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 27, 2014
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Was a good game, Suns look at there best when they are attacking with speed not trying to slow down the game and get stoppages

I did notice over the weekend the teams that generally won had really open forward lines.
Plenty of space for the forwards to run into.

a few times I reckon we had 15 Suns players inside the F50

prefer it everyone keeps in there positions.
Always hard to kickgoals with 30 odd players inside50

We have one of the most dangerous forward 6 the comp let them beat there man
Other then that can’t believe we lost another Tall in Day 🤦🏼‍♂️

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