Autopsy Round 20, 2021 v Essendon - first win against Bombers at the MCG in 98 years

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Jun 2, 2013
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Great win.

No (evident) injuries.

But still not sure how Bell retains a spot over Rowbottom given his 4 disposal, no tackle effort.
He did help win some big contests in the 4th quarter. In a game that close, that does matter.

But yeah, I think Warner should be coming back assuming he's ready to go.


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Nov 20, 2007
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Wow still after the siren has gone that's all I could say.


Astounding efforts today like above and beyond probably missed some as well.

Credit to essendon for bringing the pressure and essentially was goal to goal for 90% of the game.

Game of the season imo and we move from 6th finally
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Nov 11, 2012
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Clearances will be the death of us at some point , that particular stat

McCartin in form and has improved body work

Reid looks done

Off by disposal but jamc will be a grade

Cunningham just gets it done

Blakey is heart and mouth stuff but comes of and is game breaking

We get down on spread from centre clearances with hewett, Parker and Kennedy


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Apr 26, 2016
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No such thing as a bad win, but it was definitely a weird one.

On the one hand, it was not good enough to let Essendon score 100+ overwhelmingly from the centre. Our midfield is just not good enough yet.

However on the other, the fact it was such a high intensity shoot-out meant we really had to hold our nerve and stay focused. Any lapses in our application and they would've easily got a run on. So in that sense it showed incredible maturity.

I thought our key players were those guys now entering their primes - Heeney, Mills, Hewett, Papley, Dawson - all had great games. They are capable of the things that both the veterans and the kids are not.

Wasn't a fan of McInerney & Gulden in the guts. Nice that they can get their hands on the ball plenty but the fact is neither look like natural inside mids, and I don't wanna see them getting caught in tackles, scrambling rushed nothing disposals away and looking a bit like headless chooks. I want to see them using their attacking weapons in space.

Defenders were also great all game - McCartin, Rampe, Lloyd, Cunningham and Fox just held their nerves all game under immense pressure. Quiet achievers but they are the rocks of this team still.

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