Review Round 21, 2019 vs Sydney

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Garibaldi Red

Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 22, 2009
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Nottingham Forest
I know some on here turn the tv commentary off, either due to Dwayne or Roo, but there was a much bigger pain from Saturday’s game.

The bloody effects mike near the bird who just squealed all day. No words spoken just this incessant noise.

Turn it off, or move it. Couldn’t imagine sitting near her all day.


Mar 8, 2019
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Refreshing to be in a position of finding it hard to find fewer weaknesses in side.

Without getting ahead of ourselves it good to see our depth being at our strongest at the business end of the year.

Bonner and S Gray are weaknesses, Broadbent and Sutcliffe probably next in line but have stepped up in the last two weeks.

Lycett and Frampton will need to play very well in the magoos to crack the team in coming weeks as our current talls are starting to click.

Butters may need to come back through Magpies next week and I think an in form Motlop has more upside than S Gray in our forward line.

Wouldn’t have a clue on the the comebacks of Burton, Watts and Ebert. Difficulty also with SANFL restrictions/finals.

Finally we have some selection headaches than headaches at selection.
Wash your mouth out wiht Soap young man! Motlop and any positivity or mention of potential inclusion in the side must never be mentioned in the same sentence


Club Legend
Jul 5, 2010
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
I know some on here turn the tv commentary off, either due to Dwayne or Roo, but there was a much bigger pain from Saturday’s game.

The bloody effects mike near the bird who just squealed all day. No words spoken just this incessant noise.

Turn it off, or move it. Couldn’t imagine sitting near her all day.
How could you tell it was a she?

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Holden Hillbilly

Brownlow Medallist
Oct 8, 2004
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Liverpool, St. Pauls Old Scholars
The Power are now in the eight. It’s true, I checked.

Yes, I was surprised too. So, I rang the AFL and said, “is the ladder on your website correct?”

“Why would it be incorrect sir?” they said.

“Well it says Port Adelaide are eighth.”

“Are you looking at this year’s ladder sir?” they asked.

“It says 2019,” I replied.

“That is worrying. I hope we haven’t been hacked,” the nice man at the AFL said.

“Well Port are quite close to the Chinese,” I responded.


Granny Duurs is Lovely

Team Captain
Jun 11, 2019
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Favourite moment of the game was Dixon kicking the goal after his contested mark and seeing all the genuine leaders of the club get around him.

Duursma, Hartlett, Boaky. These guys knew how much it meant to him and made a point of congratulating him. Not just a casual head rub or pat on the back either, this was more important than that.


Mar 24, 2015
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Hamish in the last completed the perfect pass to a sliding Dixon on the lead.

This has been missing a lot from our play. It’s one thing to have the largest forward 50 time but as we all know our delivery is crap.

Hopefully our midfielders continue with composure and kick to a position making the forward lead.
Pretty sure that was Clurey

Enviable Tradition

Professional Procrastinator
Oct 12, 2007
The Hills
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
"I know people dont like these softer players. But they are vital to a side."

What the hell am I reading? Surely you just made a poor choice of words? yes, that must be it!

No one expects, or wants, him to be an inside bull ... But I do expect him to at least make an effort to go for the loose ball, instead of waiting for his opponent to get it then rely on trying to tackle/get it off him. He did this on multiple occasions, and lost out every time.

Yes he was "soft" as you say - Totally unforgivable, especially for a player with so much to offer. Will be interesting to see how the coaches respond this week.
If only we had just accepted Amon's soft side and kept playing him in the seniors...


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 9, 2007
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
It was Clurey .. see 4:46 mark of the highlights video. To be honest, the moment he kicked that, I thought it was a miss-kick! ... Until it hit Charlies chest lace-out! But then ... I am still not 100% sure he meant it. :think:

thanks for the correction, makes sense with our normal delivery that it would be a miss kick :)

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Duckimus Prime

Club Legend
Apr 26, 2008
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Surprised by the free kick differential. Knew it was 11 v 7 at half time but didn't pick up it was 26 v 11 at the end of the game. We had 7 free's inside 50, I have we kicked 4.2 from 6 frees, don't know what happened from the 7th one.
The four goals are 2 for Marshall for holding the ball decisions (1 in first, 1 in third), 1 for Connor Rozee for a high tackle in the third and Cam Sutcliffe after the siren.

The 7th one was Aliir Aliir holding Charlie Dixon in the third, loose ball fell to Sutcliffe who soccered through a goal on an advantage call. So we really ended up at 5.2 from situations where we had a free kick called in our forward 50.

Capital Power

Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 31, 2005
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Cronulla Sharks
I think this might be a first for 2019, 3 Ports in CD's AFL Player Ratings made team of the week. Only had 2 when we smashed Saints in Shanghai Robbie and Bonner, and just Robbie last week.

Is DBJ's name too long to fit on one of their graphic things?


Brownlow Medallist
Jan 30, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
5. S. Walsh
4. G. Miers

Just ****ing wait for it.
Ling's votes may be more exciting than who wins.

Given Walsh is a lock i'm predicting a "hide my bias" 4 votes with a S.Stack type player. Miers down at 3 then gives 2 to Larkey because he's tall and then it's just up to if he can put Jordan Clark ahead of Rozee for 1.

Ford Fairlane

Feb 21, 2002
Port Adelaide 5015
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Port Adelaide Magpies
The sequence Robbie-Todd-Rozee-Amon is mesmerizing!
One footy commentator a few weeks back basically grouped our style with Richmond. Just keep the ball moving forward.

We are probably trying to be a little more controlled and we certainly play better in good weather.

Monty said in his presser that we are getting the balance of defence and attack right. When we do that we can run over sides in waves, maybe need to be more patient early on with good sides.

Billy Bob65

All Australian
May 15, 2005
AFL Club
Congratulations on the win.

Here are the midfield frequency stats from the game. If you haven't seen a previous post, this is an overall summary of how often your players were lining up as one of the 5 mids at bounces.

Overall Summary - 25 Bounces

Duursma 21 wing
Amon 21 wing
Houston 20
Wines 19 (2w)
Rockliff 14
R.Gray 11
Boak 9 (5i, 4w)
SPP 5 (1w)
Sutcliffe 3
S.Gray 2 (1i, 1w)

Ryder 16
Ladhams 9

Centre Clearances (as per Champion Data/
R.Gray 4
Ryder 3
Wines 2
Houston 2
Ladhams 2
Hartlett 1

1st Half - 13

Duursma 12 wing
Houston 12
Amon 11 wing
Wines 10 (2w)
Rockliff 6
Boak 5
SPP 4 (3i, 1w)
Sutcliffe 3
R.Gray 2

Ryder 9
Ladhams 4

2nd Half - 12

Amon 10 wing
Duursma 9 wing
Wines 9
R.Gray 9
Houston 8
Rockliff 8
Boak 4 wing
S.Gray 2 (1i, 1w)

Ryder 7
Ladhams 5

- Lowest ever starts in analysed games for SPP. His previous low was 8 in Rd 5 this year and Rd 19, 2018
- Equal most starts for Houston in analysed games with Rd 13. He did have a higher attendance ratio for this game though (80% vs. 64.5%)
- Fewest starts for Boak in analysed games since Rd 21, 2018
- Most inside starts for Sutcliffe in analysed games since Rd 22, 2017

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