Autopsy Round 21: Collingwood v Richmond @ MCG - Changes for Essendon

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No one likes Wang
May 13, 2012
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Premiership Player
Aug 27, 2014
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22 tiges absolutely destroyed their opponents today and it was glorious to watch

welcome back titch we missed u buddy

good goal onya newy

roll on tiggy train

ahaha travis varcoe gave away 3 fifties what a massive spud

tim watson biggest campaigner i bet dimma is going to be real disappointed with his two superstars for telling that bunch of ferals in the cheer squad the truth about their shithouse club as we win by almost 100 points


Team Captain
Mar 27, 2015
AFL Club
That was such an even team performance! There were standouts with Ellis, Rance, Lids, and Dusty all having ripper games. I especially loved those two marks Ellis took going back with the flight of the ball amongst his 10 marks for the game. Chaplin, Hunt, Houli, Batch, Grigg (seven hit outs, haha), McIntosh, Edwards, Lloyd, Lambert all had good/very good games even if a few of those didn’t play to their usual standard. Lennon did well with the time he was given. I don’t think we had a single passenger today; when is the last time we could say that?

And then there was Ty! So great to see him kick a proper bag but he was also clever and tough. He also did really well in the ruck and around the ground when Ivvy was off. 3 votes.

Speaking of Ivvy, what a beast. Looked like his nose had fallen into a combine harvester but didn’t shirk a single contest and played a good game.

Stray thoughts:

- Varcoe, what an absolute ******* moron. Gave away three absolutely unnecessary and avoidable 50 meter penalties.

- That last quarter was so beautiful to watch, to ruthlessly bend over the pies is a magical thing.

- I ******* love kicking 20+ goals.

- Does anyone else still get stressed about losing even when we are up by 50 or 60 as soon as any opposition kicks two in a row. Whenever that happens I think ‘Here we go…’. I think Tigers’ supporters have PTSD, Post Traumatic Sports Disorder.

- %

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