Game Day Round 21 - GWS Giants vs Hawthorn Hawks @ UNSW Oval, Canberra @ 7.50 pm 9 August 2019 on a miserable winter's night

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Fans don’t want to be there and why should they when the playing group don’t want to be there. Very ordinary performance.


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Jun 6, 2015
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Hawks. Scrub it forward from the first bounce. When it passes half way, scrub it toward goal. Always kick toward goal square.
Giants. Let’s not learn from this.
Let’s chip it around. Handpass like the Harlem Globetrotters, like it’s a warm sunny dry day.
We’ll kick it around the wings and when we get close, we’ll kick it deep into the pockets where the Hawks can just punch it over the line.
Also, I’m defending. A long bomb is coming in but I’m going to try and mark it instead of punching it away just so I can drop it and the poo n wee can crumb a goal.
Oh, and let’s take a couple of injuries out of this, just for the hell of it.
Shameful to play like that and not change your play. Just not good enough, to not adjust after a quarter but to keep doing it until the final siren?
Im gutted. I’m cold, wet, saw snow for the first time at a footy game. I drove to Canberra for this.
Might feel better tomorrow, but so disappointed.
I’m flabbergasted.


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