Preview Round 21: Ports vs. Sydney

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Sep 12, 2010
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Port Adelaide
I’m confident of a win tomorrow and if we get through the game with no injuries or suspensions, I would suggest that we will then select the “real” 22 for the North Melbourne game and for future games.
This selected team for Saturday match is not our “real” 22.
The “real” 22 must include at least Lycett and Wines even if their Magpie form on Sunday is just meh!!
If Dixon’s form on Saturday is not good an opening for Billy or Dougal may exist?
Then there is the return of Burton from injury?

Or perhaps Kenny and coaching staff are being a bit too cute?
Not picking Lycett, does make me wonder,if he is OK? But agree Lycett & Howard are part of our best 22.
Agree about being to cute: they are only footballers. Just do the basics well. Panel needs a tactician, which I do not see at the moment.

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